Flying San Francisco to Hobart

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Hi All,

I’m trying to decide whether to fly Qantas or Fiji Airways/Qantas from San Francisco to Hobart on a classic reward seat.
Flying Qantas is direct on the new 787-9 to Melbourne then connecting to a domestic qantas flight to Hobart, this flight is 45000 pts plus 150usd in tax. Flying Fiji Airways is via Nadi with an 1.5 hr transit. The benefit of this flight is it is 60 usd in tax.
Please comment your thoughts.



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I'd book Qantas. 787-9 is much more comfortable than anything FJ can offer. And QF service is generally good. Plus, you won't have to transit via Nadi Intl :)


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Go Qantas 787 worth paying the extra for a long flight... Enjoy :)


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If you can find the award space, go for the Qantas flight. It's a newer plane, arguably better airline, seats are better, etc. If you have extra points, could be worth putting in an upgrade request or outright redeeming for business class (though hard to find) for greater comfort!


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Fiji does have two advantages. On their a330 it's 2-4-2 seating in economy, Qantas 789 is 3-3-3. Also, Fiji recline is 7.5 inches while on Qantas you only get 6. The ratio of toilets to seats and the pitch are identical on both carriers. The OP doesn't say whether the Fiji flight from Nadi is to SYD or MEL - might want to check aircraft type on that sector.


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Agreed QF plus depending on the season ( our summer) Fiji could get hit by a Cyclone and stuff up the transit. Rare but possible.


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You will still have to transit Melbourne or Sydney to get to Hobart.FIJI does not fly to Hobart


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Qantas 787 in Y is known as the Nightmare-liner for good reason!

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