Malabo! That's Right, Malabo.

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Now you're probably searching high & low for Malabo. It's in Equatorial Guinea (known as EG).

We've won work here for the next 12-18 months and I need to get people from Australia (SYD, MEL, BNE, PER, ADL) into Malabo (SSG).

Does anyone here (and I could find nothing in Search) have any experience with getting from AUS to EG and also which Embassy they use for Business Visa's (yes we have LOI's on the way and I believe we cannot use London - yes part of the Commonwealth but not UK residents).

Your counsel is welcomed with open arms!


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Congratualtions. I worked in EG several times in 2008-11. Flew in via Paris on Air France, then a local charter to get back to the mainland at Bata. I don't recall any difficulties but the company i was contracting to 'facilitated' the process at the local airport in Malabo. They have a very serious form of Malaria that needs attention so get medication. Good luck.


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Never done it for business, but spent a bit of time in Malabo. I flew from Casablanca (was working in Nouakchott at the time). Royal Air Maroc and Air France are your reliable options. The colonial power was Spain, so there are likely flights there.

Using a visa service such as visalink is probably the best option to ensure your employees have the right visas. Doing it yourself, I think you want the EquatoGuinean embassy in China but I'd double check. Or pay visalink for your first visa, and then figure out where they sent it :p

If your staff need consular assistance while in Malabo, they need to contact the Australian embassy in Madrid, not London.

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I would say Ethiopian airlines would also be a good option , most direct, with connections to Australia on TG and SQ through BKK and SIN


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Lufthansa also fly there from Frankfurt


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I'd forgotten about Ethiopian Airlines. They did fly in and a few guys living in Thailand were coming through to EG using them - so a good option from Australia. Into Dubai or Joberg and then out to Malibo via Addis Adaba.

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