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Looking to book a flight back from Canberra on a weeknight, and noticed neither QF nor VA have any flights after 7PM back to Sydney on any day of the week. Just curious: any reason why this is? Looks like there’s a later flight down to Melbourne, and there’s a few flights from Sydney down to Canberra arriving after 7PM. Is it just a case of a lack of demand?



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7.15 is the last flight as there are no international connections after that (I am on that flight in a few weeks for the EK connection, any later runs into the Sydney curfew); and it suits meetings etc that end at 5. The same applies to flights coming in. Not much leaving Syd or Melb after 7.30 or so for the same reason. These flights are parked in Canberra overnight for fog free-ish early flights out. The Perth flight comes in later as it connects with the London flight to bring Canberra folk home.


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Years ago 21:10 was the last QF SYD-CBR departure. Rarely full & often just used as a re-position for the early fog departures the next day.


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Last flight next Tuesday on QF is 6.45pm, which made it hard to work around a meeting finishing 6pm. Opted for VA - had flights at 7.05pm and 8.30pm!

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