• Select your profile (via the top left hand menu), and under Ride settings you can select VFF account item, enter from there.

  • Nice. If only the OLA app was not as clunky.

  • Qantas launches Lifetime Platinum

    Jun 20, 2019, 04:47 PM

    I have a confession - I think I am a target for this change. I have over 50k lifetime QF SC, and I do mix my business once it is clear I will get PlatOne on QF so I get Plat on VA. I will probably change my behaviour to reach lifetime platinum. I agree with most other comments though - more th...

  • Given LAN launching 787-9 direct SYD to SCL, is there a reason QF couldn’t do this too?

  • For me I would trade some of the ideas on private suites for a natural place to walk to, linger and not be stuck in a seat. Some interesting thinking combining snack bar locations, bar, lounge, dining area. Having said that, I know some airlines (eg Lufthansa) have tried a “real bed”...

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  • In over a decade I have never had an issue as Platinum with my partner with no status and 2 kids - but only at QF operated lounges. Completely different at co-lounges, Oneworld lounges etc.

  • Australian AirTrain Services

    May 16, 2019, 02:21 PM

    Critical for me: leave Sydney cbd office 1 hour before departure, walk to station, go through security, 5-10 mins to boarding. Seems good value to me. And, if you have opal card and have to use more than twice in a week, normal fares apply. Has saved me a bunch. On balance: a massive time and cos...

  • Canberra-Sydney flights

    Mar 09, 2019, 02:11 PM

    Last flight next Tuesday on QF is 6.45pm, which made it hard to work around a meeting finishing 6pm. Opted for VA - had flights at 7.05pm and 8.30pm!

  • A number of my colleagues have done the PER-LHR flight in economy, and say that they would never go any other way again. They liked just getting it over with, but also thought the seats and 787 atmosphere quite good. Admittedly you are going from Sydney, so it is still one stop, but might be wo...

  • I had a long chat with a CSM about this. She had been off with a shoulder injury. Apparently the issue is the newer 737s with the fold down bins. When loaded they are heavy and a number of crew have received injury from closing them. I have sympathy for this. But 7kg remains a very light load for...

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