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Hi All,

I've tried calling VA Velocity three times and have had 3 different responses...

My review date for Gold is 11th March 2019 (Today) and then my card expiry is 11th April 2019

I need 115 Status points to retain Gold i assume by 11th March.

In between 11th March & 11th April i will accrue 180 status points.

I was wondering what this would do for me if anything? Does VA give a grace period to accrue further points between review and expiry or would i start from zero again?


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If you have not achieved the 400SC by your review date (11 March), then in all likelihood you will be dropped to silver.

To get back to Gold, you will not go back to 0. You will need to once again earn 500SC in a rolling 12 month period. The 180 SC will put you on the path to retaining Gold, and if you get back to 500SC in 12 months at any point, you will go back up to Gold


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I think call them up once you have obtained the remaining 115 status points, you will be in a stronger position to argue your case.


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Is an annoying thing. My review date is 11th October. On the 12th October I have a business class flight from JNB->BNE on SAA/VA, so I'm hoping I can talk them into letting me retain the status.


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Not sure why the OP has down votes, it is a question worth being asked. From personal experience VA do offer a grace period, I was advised it is a once off and I used it to retain WP 2016 as I was a few SCs short of retaining. I called VA and after a short discussion and confirmation of my forward bookings that were within one month of my roll over date WP was retained.

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