QF 107 Syd to Beijing

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Happy Easter all!

Wondering if anyone has any recent experience on QF 107 Syd to Beijing please? Wondering if it's worthwhile requesting an upgrade to business class for 60,000 points. I read previously that this plane used the skybed 1 in a 2:2:2 configuration, and if this is still the case, I'd pass.

But if it's the newer suite, I would love to request the upgrade. Wondering if anyone has any advice please?

Many thanks in advance!


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There's only one a330-200 left flying with the old configuration, being VH-EBG. According to flightradar it only done 4 QF107 runs since mid-Jan, the most recent of which being the 3rd of March.

It's essentially a chook lotto as to whether you get the old config or not, but you'll be pretty darn unlucky to get it on a trip to Beijing now.

On a side note, apparently it may be going in for refurbishment in mid-may, so if your travel is after then you may be in the clear. No promises though.


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I'm due to fly QF19 to Manilla in June and very fearful of a last minute swap to the 2-2-2 layout. Having a look at FlightRadar EBG has flown it a few times in the last 6 weeks, so I'm really hoping it does get refurbed in May.

I'm calling it a case of the VH-EeeBeeGeebies


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I've flown QF107/108 SYD/PEK services at least 5 times in the last year, with number 6 in 3 days time, they've all been on the 1-2-1 layout, which I'd say is well worth the upgrade for you considering the flight time is around 11.5 hours.

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