• That is true. It may be worth mentioning that for Qantas Club members and Gold status holders, the Brisbane international business lounge is a big upgrade, arguably the best intl J lounge in the country.

  • You would be much better off moving to BAEC to chase LTP there as soon as you hit LTG with QF if you're the person who would go after something like this. 75k total status credits vs 14k + ~30k...As a benefit, it would also save you from putting all of your lifetime status eggs into one basket.

  • I reckon the A32x family is an upgrade on the B737max personally. The A32x cabin is wider than the 737, making 3-3 economy seats that little bit more bearable.

  • Get ready for an enhancement! The cynic in me is anticipating a spend-based status system. That is the direction FF schemes are going.

  • Not to mention that I'd much rather take a QF service from my home port to Brisbane than fly to LAX and spend 3 hours on AA to Chicago!

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  • Originally Posted by reeves35 Originally Posted by DeepAvThroat Qantas has another A380 charter flight coming up, but this time it's not for Flight Centre's annual travel agent conference. There's a special Qantas flight scheduled for January 19 2020 which will fly Sydney to LA and then on to O...

  • Originally Posted by tommygun Isn't there a law against age discrimination? There are, but the law has a specific exception for providing a benefit that discriminates by age (eg. Discounted child/seniors tickets at the movies, free muffin with every coffee for seniors, free Qantas club passes wi...

  • QF 107 Syd to Beijing

    Apr 22, 2019, 12:36 PM

    There's only one a330-200 left flying with the old configuration, being VH-EBG. According to flightradar it only done 4 QF107 runs since mid-Jan, the most recent of which being the 3rd of March.It's essentially a chook lotto as to whether you get the old config or not, but you'll be pretty darn u...

  • I would fly F. You say you enjoy the travel experience and flying on the 747, and there's nothing more special than flying in the nose of the 747. Thai are changing the 747's to A350's for Sydney too, so it's a good chance to get in before it's too late.

  • Qantas Boarding Music

    Mar 19, 2019, 08:18 AM

    Originally Posted by Mjudd Talking about safety videos, when is VA going to change theirs!?Just when to are trying to settle down and relax, the last thing you want to hear is a roaring v8, the screeching of tyres, and people yelling.It also goes for about 5 minutes too long. Can't be worse than...

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