Can I visit Hong Kong during the Guangzhou visa-free stopover?

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I'm flying China Southern to London and wanted to take advantage of the 72 hour visa waiver to spend time with a supplier near there and another contact at Shenzhen but also wanted to take the new fast train to Hong Kong to visit our regional distributor. But, can I leave China to go to HK and then return within the 72 hour visa-free period, or does the visa-free period only apply to staying withing the Guangzhou region?


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You will get your passport stamped if you leave for HK, so I believe no, it couldn't be part of your 72 hour stop over.


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It's definitely a limited area. Believe it's all of Guandong for Gunagzhou entry point which includes Shenzhen but not Hong Kong.

Equally the Shanghai 144-hr lets you go to Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi for example but no further.

You'd need a multi-entry visa for Hong Kong.

If you're a potential regular visitor look into the APEC card

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I believe you will have no touble entering HK. But you will be foridden to exit HK as you don't actually have a vaild multi-entry visa of China.

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