Best Qantas A380 Economy Seat - Row 48 or 32?

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Hi, I'm tossing up between 48A/B or 32A/B on an upcoming Qantas A380 flights in Economy.

Ignoring the cost of 48B as an extra-legroom seat, what's your preference and why? Many thanks.


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Both are good options!

  • Pros
    • Unlimited legroom (exit row)
    • No need to vault over someone's knees
    • Can be last on and first off
  • Cons
    • Near a galley
    • Lavatory a long walk away
    • Costs more money

  • Pros
    • Actual bulkhead (can prop backpack for makeshift ottoman)
    • Side bin
    • Nearer a lavatory
    • Not an expensive extra-legroom seat
  • Cons
    • Window passenger has to vault over aisle passenger's knees
    • Takes longer to deplane

(Source: Veteran of 48A and 32K.)

I will let you make an informed decision based on what works best for your requirements and preferences.
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Haven't done it for a while, but I used to go for 80A, where there was no seat in front and you don't have those annoying people that hang around near the exit stepping on your feet!


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Personally I find row 32 to be very cramped - yes it has more knee room which is nice at first, but the bulkhead prevents you from being able to extend your legs (whereas in a standard seat you can extend them under the seat in front to some extent) so within an hour or so I find it becomes very uncomfortable.

I'd choose another row upstairs.


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I do row 32 as I like the side bin to put all me stuff. I also agree with some of the cons above though.


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Row 49 better than row 48 due to not having a fixed armrest allowing you to use the seat next to you if not taken.

Row 32 has limited legroom and can become uncomfortable on a long haul trip. If you prefer upstairs (while eco is still up there), go for row 33 as it has more legroom than row 32 and a movable armrest, which the exit rows don’t have.

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