Flight wrongly listed as a Rewards redemption. It pays to check your activity statement

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I fly Cool - Syd - Perth - Karratha return about twice per month. Last week on my return trip, I saw that on the way over on the Sydney - Perth leg the flight had been recorded as a rewards flight. I had paid for an economy seat but used points for an upgrade to business. On the way home, I rang to query the error. The Filipino at the call centre said she would check with reservations and asked me to hold. After 10 minutes on hold, I was cut off. On arrival in Sydney following the Red Eye trip from Perth, having 3 hours to cool my heels, I rang the call centre again. Placed on hold again as they checked with the reservation team, I was answered again by some poor unfortunate as a new caller. Tired & emotional indeed.

He told me that it would take 7 - 10 days for the flight points & credits to arrive from the flight that I had taken 2 weeks before. I told him that all the flights on that leg had already been credited BUT the Syd - Perth sector had been wrongly listed as a rewards flight. Hence zero points and status credits. He was trying to say that because of my upgrade, which I had paid for, there would be no award points / status applicable.

Once again, I told him that I was not after points/ status for the upgrade but wanted the ones I was owed for the economy fare. Round in circles we went. Definitely lost in translation. After I demanded to speak to a supervisor I reached a native speaker who recognised the mistake. I had the missing points / status in my account by the time I landed back on the Gold Coast.
It certainly pays to check your activity statement.


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It happens from time to time with upgrades, that for whatever reason get processed incorrectly.

I have taken to emailing QFF with these issues.


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I have had this issue with several flights, none of which were upgrades. I email QFF with the details and find there is a quicker rectification - on the phone they were adamant that I was on a ff booking.


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I've had this happen before on Finnair where I was credit 0 points and SCs as the flight was identified as a charter flight even though they were regular scheduled flights. An email to the QFF service centre with the boarding pass and it was usually fixed up pretty promptly.

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