Downgrade between Singapore and Sydney

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I was downgraded recently from business to economy between Singapore and Sydney on Qantas. I have been told my compensation is £317 ( I paid my fare in sterling). I was told take it or leave it that this is not a negotiation. As I paid over £4,000 for the return fare from London to Sydney the compensation appears on the low side. Am I being unreasonable ?


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I would contact Qantas for a higher compensation whether that would be in the form of points or a refund. The 317 pounds you were quoted is likely the difference between fully flexible last minute economy (very expensive) versus a saver business class price (which you paid).


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Originally Posted by Seat 4a

Absolutely disgraceful on QANTAS part. Yet another example of their deplorable customer service. Try emirates next time.

Whilst I agree the compensation is ordinary, I am certain that the method used to calculate it is common across all airlines.

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Since you started in London you'll be able to claim EC261 compensation, which would be prorated.


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QF, to the best of my knowledge, isn't registered as an EU airline so EC261 won't apply. Nor is the flight between departing from or arriving at an EU airport.

If it were, or it chose to apply EC261 principles, you would've likely been offered approximately £550 once pro-rating had occurred.

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