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My elderly parents are travelling to the USA at Christmas to meet me in Florida.

They are landing in Dallas to transfer to Miami. As they are elderly, and only have 90 minutes to navigate their way through DFW, I am wondering if anyone would recommend a paid assistance service for them?




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Ninety minutes is tight and in my experience is either easy such as last week or tight as it was a month ago. The terminal staff should help them through the passport scanning bit which is step one, then the immigration person step two. The next step is luggage collection which is where help ma be required. (there are a few escalators in here) The fourth is domestic security which is another hassle that can be short or long but quite chaotic for younger people let alone elderly (shoes belts liquids etc), Next is the train which is easy but for a first timer can be overwhelming if we're doing all of the above in 90mins; an Ed then long escalators and crowded boarding areas). Google if anything is available to help and take it if possible, The issue is each step which can be smooth or not, but there are a lot of steps. Also assure them there is another flight and if it is AA should be easily accommodated.


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Hi Tracie - You could try "Blacklane Pass", they offer meet and greet / terminal transfer services at DFW. Might be around the USD200 mark, but worth it with only 90 minutes and elderly parents. Good luck.


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Having done the intl-dom connection numerous times this year, 90 mins is very tight. Don't forget they'll have to deplane, get through immigration, wait for luggage (this is generally pretty quick), drop bags, make it back through security and (most likely) transfer terminals. Assuming they're on a QF/AA flight, this will likely be from terminal D to terminal A or C on the skylink.

If possible (and not a ridiculous time / cost difference), I would recommend proactively moving them to a later flight. Even though (assuming on same PNR) they would be accommodated in the event that they do miss the connection due to late arrival there is no guarantee they will be put on the next flight as these can often be sold, potentially leaving them stranded. On my most recent trip to the US through DFW, due to late arrival of QF7 I missed my connection and even as a QF Plat travelling in business I was put on a much later connecting flight (in Economy) as this was the first free seat available.


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Thanks all - the folks have changed their domestic flight to give them more time.

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