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Have 2 seats in Business on upcoming QF international flight. The seats we have been allocated are fine but i always have a look at the 80 hour mark to see what else opens up (am QF Gold). On this particular flight at around the 80 hour mark it began showing "seats are not able to be selected on this flight" and we have the option of only selecting a preference - window, aisle. Booking showing with allocated seats and as I said happy to end up staying there (or getting the requested upgrade to F)

Wondering if anyone has any idea why the seat selection became unavailable at the 80 hour mark on this flight.


Brandon Loo

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That message usually pops up if no more seats are able to be allocated on your cabin (often because all available seats have been selected).


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Thanks Brandon


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I've had that message a couple of times when booked on the A330 SYD-PER having previously selected seats (which were still stated in my booking) but when displaying seat map both times was down to the flight changing to a 737. Hopefully that's not the case for you!


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That would be bad news for sure DY. Not sure they can change this one too much as it is QF1.....but never say never


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Can also happen when two seats together are no longer available.


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happened to me once, booked seats as per an A330-300 and then at 80 hours it was locked. The aircraft turned out to be a -200 so I thought it was due to the downsize of the aircraft.

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