Transit in Doha: procedures at business class fast-track

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Has anyone had recent issues with transit in Doha on Qatar Airways? There are reports of long queues and intensive screening practices, even in the Business line, for transit pax. Also reports of males (only) being "selected" for full body scan and drug searches - again, in the Business line. I'm considering QR for a trip to London, but will ditch the idea if these reports are true.


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Been through Doha in April and August if that counts as recent, no issues in transit in business. (CGK>DOH>LHR, CGK>DOH>JFK)


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I transitted Doha on 10 and 21 Oct - no problems.


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Transited early this year. Our flight was over a hour late arriving into Doha(1.5hr transit). We parked miles from the terminal and had to take a bus in.However, the bus took business class pax only, very quick process, separate transit line that was walk straight up to, quick jog thru the terminal to our connecting flight. On arrival to the connecting flight I asked would our luggage be with us, 10 mins later told all was good. I had a Singapore Airlines flight prior, San Fran to Sing then Sydney, similar delay and transit, no luggage on arrival. Qatar is a quality product.


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Lines can be long even in business class priority lane. Generally it's pretty civilised and no worse than LHR. As for security screening I've never been pulled aside. You can book and pay for transit, arrival and departure escort services but they aren't cheap. They are probably useless if you're in first or business anyway unless you are elderly, limited mobility, poor health etc.

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Thanks everyone, much appreciated.


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Transitted in early November (as well as earlier this year) and noticed that it depends how many flights arrive at the same time. In November lots of aircraft arrived concurrently and the security lines were a complete circus as the priority lines were not properly enforced (in other words: all passengers just entered the priority line and were not stopped/redirected by staff). In this instance it was easier to use the non-priority lines which only took around 5 minutes to go through (i.e. make your own judgement when getting to the security checks). However, and in summary, it's an easy and quick security check at Doha.

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