Coronavirus: Changes to Award Bookings

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Hello Lovely People,

I need your guidance on this... I've got a reward booking using Qantas FF for travel on Emirates on 26.05

Given the situation I would like to know how to minimise the impact of fees and points and should I cancel or just change the dates of travel?

Also, my reward booking includes an Infant, for which Qantas did not charge anything. However should I decide to travel after November 2020 she would be 2 years old and if I'm correct they would charge the full points... is there a work around it? Excuse me if it's a silly question ;).

... also do you suggest I wait before I cancel or change the dates? Here's me wishing the situation all changes before May!!!

Your suggestions would be of great help as I try to find a solution.


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I cancelled an award booking using Qantas points for an Emirates flight yesterday. Annoyingly, you cant usually cancel these online, you need to call, for which I waited 4 hours.

They were happy to cancel the flight and refund the taxes and ALL points, there was no penalty at all.

Just to be clear, when you fly, you will NEED TO CALL EMIRATES to ticket the infant, and your going to get a nasty shock, they will charge you 10% of the full fare for the infant.


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Get a refund on your points and either rebook with points later or buy a ticket with cash on another airline.

Wait time can be over 8 hours at qantas for bronze frequent flyers (according to colleague).

Emirates will not let you child fly on an infant fare (if age 2 at time of travel) even if delayed due to Covid-19 (at least according to a British travel forum on Travel and covid-19).

Children aged over 12 pay 100% of the adult airfare.

Children aged 2 to 11 years inclusive pay 75% of the adult airfare.

Infants must be under the age of 2 years for the entire journey (not occupying a seat) and pay 10% of the applicable adult fare for the journey travelled.

Safety first especially with kids involved.


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Hi Josephjohn8484 & Planesa380

Thank you very much for all the information. I was able to get through to Qantas after 5 hours on the phone and was advised a full refund of points and fees paid, I'll have to wait for 10 days though for it to be credited which is perfectly fine.

Once again THANK YOU very much for all the information.


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I have 2 award flights booked through Qantas, flying Qatar, for September and October. I called Qantas the other day to find out my situation and after waiting 4 hours on the chat, was told that they would currently waive cancellation fees, (both points and $), for bookings through to 31/5. I was advised to wait till closer to my dates to see if the waiver is extended. If I cancel now, as I'd like to, then I'm up for a 24,000 point cancellation fee, (6,000 per passenger per ticket).

So, well done to those who've got their refunds already. Hopefully, Qantas will extend the waiver through to October. I can't see things being anything like normal by then.


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Hey, i recently cancelled a domestic trip online with QF. How long should I expect to wait to see refund for miles and fees?

Its been 1 week and nothing yet.



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does anyone know if it is the same situation with a rewards booking for China Eastern? Do I just cancel on the Qantas website and will all points be refunded?


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just keep on following up your refunds for both, points (minus the cancellation fee) and taxes. I terminated my flight to Europe early March, checked my bookings a few hours later....phoned back (another 1.5hrs on hold), was told there was no we cancelled the trip again and was assured points and taxes are coming back within 10 days. After checking on the 14th of March (11 days later) still no I phoned again, waited on hold for 2 hrs and was assured the same again. I explained that it has been 11 days, but was told something wasn't done correctly, but now all is sorted and the refund will happen....well today is the 27th and I am still without the tax refund and no points many times do clients need to chase up Qantas and I am getting it, all airlines are in turmoil?

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