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Hi All

I've had to cancel some flights within Europe on BA and AF. Both are offering vouchers rather than refunds. Do you know if you can book codeshare flights on Qantas for domestic legs only? Eg use the vouchers to fly from Melbourne to Sydney.



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In regard to BA, you can use BA vouchers on Qantas flight, as both are Oneworld members. However you should where possible use them on BA flights as from my experience BA charges more than booking directly with other airlines (i.e. Qantas for Qantas flights). Same goes for Air France.

In regard to Air France, you might be able to use your vouchers on domestic flights in Australia but Air France may not sell domestic Australian routes without a connection to another Air France service on their website.

Air France codeshares on Qantas flights between Australia and Singapore (ex: SYD, MEL, BNE & PER) plus Hong Kong (ex: SYD, MEL & BNE). Air France also codeshares on following destinations domestically to Canberra, Hobart, Adelaide, Cairns and Darwin (ex Syd).

I did out of curiosity try and book a flight between SYD-MEL, SYD-CNS and SYD-AKL but the site said error on both Air France and BA. This could be due to the fact that they don't have the right to solely sell domestic flight operated by Qantas or due to the current covid-19 situation they are suspending the option to avoid any future losses or challenges.

My two cents try and use it on Air France and BA flights where possible, you have at least 12 months so wait and see.

Stay Safe.


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I have also cancelled a trip in May with return flights on BA from London to Corsica. I phoned the BA call centre in Sydney on Friday as I doubt that I will be able to use a credit voucher on BA within the 12 month period that is required. The call centre operator advised me to wait for a while to cancel my booking as either the flight may be cancelled by BA in which case a refund will be payable, or the conditions for use of the credit vouchers might change as the length of the disruption caused by Covid-19 is recognised by the airline.



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To answer the OP, it is unlikely you would be able to use a BA or AF voucher for a domestic stand alone leg in Australia. To access the codeshare you generally need to have it tagged on to a flight of that carrier (i.e BA16).


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Thanks Mannej - what a bugger!

Hope there is a secondary market for vouchers!!

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