Singapore Airlines / Qantas merger

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Given that Singapore opted out of VA MK 2, I can't help but to think of the possibilities for them to merge with Qantas. Wonder what your thoughts are on this?



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Not going to happen.


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Merger has the same chance as international travel happening in June worldwide. Nice to dream, but totally impossible.


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This idea has been floated multiple times including in 2004, 1990's and at other times too.

See Executive Traveller article about The Qantas-Singapore Airlines merger that almost happened...



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Plus there is a article on ABC News/AFP on 22 June 2005 that outlines the challenges for a QF-SQ merger and for the most part they are still valid.

See it here:

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What would the point be for the two airlines???


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I think just someone at home playing fantasy airline.....


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It's happening.

It's sad, but it has to go the way it's going. They're quietly beginning to lay off crew abd pilots.

But it is not going to be a merger. It will feel like it.

Essentially, Singapore Airlines takes ove management of Jetstar's Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and maybe Thailand flights. VFR for Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia - Australia will increase massively as students en masse study at thiose universities.

SO just think small. SQ pax codeshare on 3K to CGK PER, DPS PER, SIN PER etc. Frankly, this solves their SilkAir -Scoot dual confusing brand product positioning.

QF will take over Scoot flights to China, Japan, Korea. As a Qantas flight, Qantas can apply for Gimpo, Haneda, Hongqiao as special exemption, Plus the Scoot brand has taken a turn for a dive in terms of brand perception. MU and CZ have already announced product upgauges and better everything.

Cathay Pacific is suddemly going to hit us with Emirates 5-class A380, 10 daily, from Hong Kong, and I think 5 from Bangok as THAI. CX would be a friend now, bbut they will codeshare on the Qantas operated flighs to Australia, SQ will take CZ to Australia. Their product will be remarkably similar. CZ will do the beyond Australia flights.

SQ considering making ANC their furthest point. If they accept this offer, United will yield half of the transpacific routes to all 7 UA hubs to them. This will be enticing to SQ, as they will become the primary regional airline of the Esst and South China Seas. In this plan, Air China and Cathay merge,, with Cathay thes survinving brand, partnering Air Canada.,

SQ will partner AA, DL UA, B6 in cases where synergies can be had.

If SQ agrees to JV, it will be SkyTeam transatlantic ex-Heathrow, and Star transpacific. So AF KL LH BA UA DL one side, and UA NH CX AC ex-Narita. These will also be the focus cities of JetBlue and Alaska respectively. SQ thinks as a reigonal aairline\, it will win on China - Jsapan/ KOrea/, Southeast Asia - China, some Southeast Asia - Japan/Korea.

SIN area airports is the world's new Los Angeles.

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