• Did they just admit they were planning to downgrade to standardize on Thompson Vantage seats?

  • The complete guide to Star Alliance

    Jul 16, 2020, 02:26 PM

    FYIStar Alliance Gold no longer comes with lounge access.Only ticketed international long-haul FIrst, Business customers, as well as Star Alliance member's business, MICE and corporate travellers have access.And I don't think you're doing Star Alliance justice.And what's this BS about upgrades. T...

  • I hope they keep the flight level imagery of the elite levels

  • Actually, there are a lot of underlying dark, social issues.Anyways, IATA and ACI has ruled. Once their here, Ausytraliua is repsonsible for the.It seems like they're targeting the upper middle classes,s ome of which are starting to run

  • No, you can switch off the new gen like A380 and younger, then turn on and off once every 30 days. This way, they will be cryrogenically frozen, so to speak. I have heard however... that Qantas is gifting it to someone else.I hear UA, CX, KL may be new A380 operators.Anyways I think the plane ca...

  • American has the least chance of survival.

  • Asiana Club Frequent Flyer

    Jul 16, 2020, 01:54 PM

    I find Asiana Club isn't as respected by the major Star Alliance members. And they don't dish out the freebies unlike Korean Air SKYPASS when you're in Seoul. KoreanAir virtually gifts everything to you: train, airport transfer, attractions and restaurants discounts etc etc. Asiana Airlines isn't...

  • What next for Velocity elites?

    Jul 15, 2020, 09:44 PM

    I'd advise all Velocity and Qantas elites not to assume that their airlines and their allegiances will still be around as they are.Redeem all mileage and points when you can on whatever.All will be one.

  • What next for Velocity elites?

    Jul 03, 2020, 04:24 AM

    Here's an unpopular opinion.I think, they should outsource the lounges, then allow business class to use it, but also for economy or whatever to pay to use it. Then they can offer lounges in more destinations.I don't think they should have a "better" business class product because it's too way ex...

  • Singapore Airlines / Qantas merger

    Jun 30, 2020, 06:32 AM

    It's happening.It's sad, but it has to go the way it's going. They're quietly beginning to lay off crew abd pilots.But it is not going to be a merger. It will feel like it.Essentially, Singapore Airlines takes ove management of Jetstar's Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and maybe Thailand flights. ...