Service on QF Link Dash 8?

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Hi, Anyone traveled on regional Dash8 recently? What inflight service is offered? Any wine? Food?



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A 250 ml bottle of water and a 20g bag of almonds + mini pretzels.

Source: multiple flights from Sydney to Ballina and Canberra - early June to mid August.

Update: Flew to Canberra for the long weekend - food was a 30g cheese and cracker pack, beverages were beer wine and soft drink. (Water if you must!)

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I've done half a dozen since June. You get water and a biscuit. It's pretty laughable really. QF does a self-serving spiel at the start about the limited cabin service (aka no wine) being about the fight against the dreaded coronavirus. But they're more than happy to totally sell out a Q300 or Q400 and cram passengers on top of one another. They're also happy to serve you wine in the lounge. Seems to have much more to do with aggressive cost cutting than public health. Regulators should really put airlines up on bogus Covid claims like this.


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Water and packaged snack like nuts or biscuit. Same on Virgin's 737. A fair few flights on both between Rocky and Brisbane.

I don't get the "water only" part of the restriction. If they were handing out individual bottles of water to minimise contact as on Qantas, fair enough, but on Virgin they're pouring water from larger bottles so no reason they couldn't do that with soft drink or juice as well. No reason you can't hand out individual cans of soft drink or beer either.

On Virgin the beverage carts are fully stocked, and I saw them give a beer to someone last week, but it was only the one guy and the crew seemed reluctant.

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@ Dredgy

Can't remember the 2 times I flew with QF, whether they made rounds to collect rubbish and empty bottles or left it to the cleaning crew to sort it out (since they are supposed to do a deep clean..... imagine having to do that even at 50% flight traffic)

Did VA attendants collect the plastic cups before landing? If so, then it's the cost cutting measures ruling over health measures then. Mind you, having juice or soft drink mean you can only carry so much on the trolley and a good chance something run out at different times and having to walk back and forth, prolonging the cabin service in the cattle class end of the plane. Mind you of course in this case a QF DASH 8 will not have a business class and the trolley run will be short

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