Could Taiwan be one of the first places Aussies can travel?

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Taiwan's cases have been low to nil for 5+ months now, with most cases appearing to be returned travelers.

Could Taiwan be one of the first places Aussies can travel quarantine free?

I'm sure Aussies would jump at the opportunity to explore this rarely visited country.


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Taiwan would have had to have done the best COVID job out of anyone. They were way ahead of Singapore when Singapore was getting all the press months back which baffled me at the time. Sadly these travel bubbles and talk of them have proven to be a waste of time. Air NZ CEO has even said he doesn’t see a AU-NZ corridor happening until March 21 at the very least most likely July 21.

It’s time everyone started looking at the data and wondering if the medicine we are supposedly choosing is going to be far worse than the poison now?


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Agree - Taiwan is such a great destination to explore, it is safe and so easy to get around.

I know China Airlines and QF codeshare flights but would be great if both ran a set of carefully managed holiday flights/packages (both ways) as an interim to show how it can work as a transition to wider reopening.


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i would consider it for sure.something different i guess.


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Have always wanted to visit Taiwan and can't be a better time to go now than ever. It'd be great if Qantas can run some seasonal flights there, though I doubt it would happen due to the sensitive political nature between China and Taiwan, assuming Qantas wouldn't want to upset the bigger market...But who knows, nothing really surprises me anymore after the year we've been through so far.


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What is there to do and see in Taiwan? Their tourism promotion body needs to start advertising down here, I suspect they'd get a fairly favorable uptake.


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Saw a video clip of visit Taiwan ad for a work conference (didn’t go in the end)

Taiwan is a small-ish island but big enough to offer very big contrasts between urban and rural environment.

Probably one of the East Asian tourist spots to go to if not going to China

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There will be no travel bubbles with Australia until the states stop being rogue and doing their own thing. How can one expect a rational country to open up to Australia when Australia can't even decide to open amongst itself?

You have a bunch of rogue fascists in charge in states such as Queensland, WA and Tasmania that won't open their borders with states like NSW that have one case every four days. And our PM can be best described as a bumbling baboon.

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This is where being a golf tragic has its advantages, as long as there are golf courses there the destination is irrelevant, over 100 golf courses in Taiwan, sign me up.


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Taiwan is incredible. I hope that’s one of the first bubbles that opens. There is so much to do & see, love it!


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Kenting Taiwan another amazing spot if you like beaches. But shhhh don’t tell everyone!


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Australians can already travel to many countries on the planet especially most of those in the northern hemisphere. This has been the situation for many months now. This headline should read "Will the Republic of Australia allow its citizens to travel freely to Taiwan when all travel to other nations requires an exit visa which is difficult to obtain unless you have connections to the elite in the regime." ie. Are you in with the corrupt?

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