American Airlines cancelling flights to Australia until 3rd July

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My flight from LAX to Sydney has been cancelled on AA, with them stating they are not flying to australia until July now.

Has anyone heard this? Haven't heard or seen any news online.


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This has been known for quite a while, markrolfo,

It has also been covered here on Executive Traveller. Please reference the following link by using the search facility to find "American Airlines" articles on the HOME page. You will find the following items, in particular:

"American Airlines cancels LAX-Sydney flights through to mid-2021"

"American Airlines cancelling flights to Australia until 3rd July"

Hope this helps? There have been way too many changes on the Australian AND USA side of the pond during the pandemic, which account for AA's decision.


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Not answering markrolfo's question, just making an observation that US department of transportation (similar for Canada to some extent) makes it very clear that if the airline cancels a flight the pax gets a refund no questions asked unless pax elects to take up a credit offer.

Whereas ACCC's stand on this is as follows:

“If something goes wrong, and your flight is delayed or cancelled, you may be entitled to a refund or replacement depending on the circumstances, including:

  • the length of the delay
  • the reason for the delay or cancellation
  • whether the airline was able to place you on another flight within a reasonable time.

Note: what constitutes a reasonable time will depend on the circumstances and may not be the same each time you travel.”

So far QF is in most cases will refund if specifically requested (although there are of course all those smoke and mirrors in their cancellation email which makes it opaque to many uninformed pax on the extent of their rights to refund), although I must point out that the ACCC website makes it difficult for consumers to judge where they stand.

I would assume markrolfo's cancellation notice from AA is close the actual flight dates and I suspect it mirrors what QF is doing which is only to officially cancel flights as close to actual departure date as possible (up to a month prior) and dragging their feet in actual refund process.

Would markrolfo care to comment or confirm?

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Can I ask when your flight was booked for?

I am still seeing AA departures from LAX to Sydney 3-4 times a week

I am currently booked on the reverse Late Feb!



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There’s going to be very few if any airlines flying to Australia by mid year.

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