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  • My flight from LAX to Sydney has been cancelled on AA, with them stating they are not flying to australia until July now. Has anyone heard this? Haven't heard or seen any news online.

  • I fly QF9/10 about three times a year (flex economy) with a myriad of different results.Here's my scorecard for the last 4 flights - I always fly a Wednesday or Thursday and not during school holidays1st time: Upgraded to business both legs as a qantas gold 2nd time: no upgrade both ways as qanta...

  • Qantas flights QF 9/QF10 going cheap?

    Jul 02, 2018, 12:57 AM

    Personally (well it’s all personally since this is a forum) I prefer QF 9/10 over the Middle Eastern/Singapore stopover - doing both a couple of time albeit it in J was enjoyable. Qantas operate a Australian crew between Melbourne and London and a British crew between Perth and London - som...

  • I asked the same question when i flew from Melbourne to London via Perth. Due to the new seat design on the 787 they are still waiting FAA approval for the recline landing seat position that's available on the seat controls. Its annoying when it's fine on the a330 to perth.

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