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Does anyone know if the “removal” of Qantas planes for internal connections eg LAX to NYC is a permanent arrangement now? It’s not a big deal as such but have noted when searching for some BC flights to NYC the internal leg whether AA or UA states “ please note LAX to NYC” will be in economy . The prices are still ridiculous of course but when they settle down wonder why you are not automatically put in BC on AA ?



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I think on qantas metal maybe some time probably when the A350 starts on the Sydney NY route, around 2024.


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Pre-pandemic Qantas used to operate 1x BNE, 2x SYD and 1x MEL flight each day to LAX which all fed the LAX-JFK hop. They also operated flights to SFO and DFW on top of this.

Currently they have one flight per day to LAX from all cities. There is simply not enough demand to fill the JFK plane, so it makes sense to use partner airlines. Their traffic rights means they cannot pick anyone else up either to fill it.

I'm sure it will return when the volume of internatonal flyers returns.

In the interim, have you tried booking with AA? Their joint business agreement across the pacific allows you to book a Qantas flight to LAX. They might have better luck keeping you in Business Class from LAX to JFK.


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I tried booking from Hobart (my home city) to New York in Business through the Qantas website and can either get first class on Alaska Airlines with a Business Sale fare or business class on American Airlines A321 lie-flat product with a Business Saver fare. You cannot select the A321 business class with a Business Sale fare as American does not offer a low enough fare bucket to combine with the Qantas fare (I/D from memory).

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AA service LAX-JFK is lie flat in business. Alaska has no business per se, their "First" is like business domestic in Australia. You could pay Qantas to get you to LAX and pay JetBlue to take you on to NY in "Mint" class (lie flat) - might not be a bad deal.

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I don't see the LAX-JFK Boeing 787 coming back for a while, not until Qantas can see enough demand for it. In 2019 that demand was fuelled by daily flights from SYD MEL and BNE to LAX, and SYD and MEL were Airbus A380s. Current AU-US flying is barely a patch on that.

I would agree with tommygun, just get to LAX with Qantas and then look at JetBlue's A321 Mint business class which can be pretty good value and very competitive pricing.

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