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Hi all,

I have booked a flight from Brisbane to Singapore via Singapore Airlines and then I have another flight booked on Etihad Airlines to travel from Singapore to Rome via Abu Dhabi on the same date.

I get into Singapore at 3:30pm and depart for Abu Dhabi at 8pm.

I have booked these flights on separate bookings as I used FF points for each leg.

Looking at the current restrictions for transiting through Singapore Changi Airport, it says that due to Government restrictions, transiting passengers "must have both flights booked in the same booking itinerary".

I have my flights booked on separate tickets. Does this mean I will need to depart the airport and then check in again from outside customs?

Does anyone have any experience linking itineraries for bookings made separately and on separate airlines?

And lastly, does anyone know if I can check my baggage in all the way from Brisbane to Rome, even though my first part of the trip is via Singapore Airlines and part 2 is via Etihad?

Thank you


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I don't think that SQ will through check your luggage to Rome on Etihad, on a separate ticket. So your luggage would come out on the carousel. So you would have to clear passport control to collect your luggage. As to the other part of your question, hopefully someone else can answer the bit about Singapore entry requirements. I'm am sure many here have probably been recently.

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For detailed information on entry requirements to Singapore the best source is:


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I would be cancelling and booking a through ticket.

Youd have to enter singapore and all that entails at the moment


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Singapore still remains an intl transit airport where once arriving you can find in the departures area (all departures/arrivals exit on same floor) the transit desks which are manned by airport staff that are able to check you in and re route your baggage. This was the beauty of transiting through Changi.

However - looking at Changi airport website, I think transiting at moment when not on a through ticket is not allowed - Under the government's transit travel rules, passengers who arrive in Changi and plan to depart on a different airline, must have both flights booked in the same booking itinerary. Passengers must also have their checked-in luggage tagged-through from the origin airport to their final destination.

My advice as I plan on doing same at Easter keep an eye on things some websites and info are out of date, try and get.more clarification like will SQ even allow you to board the plane to SIN if not on a through ticket

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Heads up - Singapore just changed requirements for travellers from VTL entering SIN. Just need an unsupervised RAT test and to lodge results within 24hours. So you can exit the airport and then check in for your next flight. I plan can now plan on doing this as I want to separate bookings via Sin as more cost effective. I will still try approach a transfer desk to explore possibility of air side transfer before exiting. Looks like rules will relax even further by April/ Easter which is when I intend to fly.


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@Dylanm and @Dan , how did you both go with the transfer at Changi? I will b traveling PER-SIN and SIN-JNB , both on SIA but separate tickets. With 3hrs transfer time. Hoping i can check my bags through to JNB at PER airport, but need to b prepared for worst case scenario i guess.

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