Fly in Thai Airways' first class seats at business class prices

By Chris C., September 29 2016
Fly in Thai Airways' first class seats at business class prices

Passengers flying between Melbourne and Bangkok with Thai Airways in October have a short window in which they can buy a business class ticket but enjoy the luxury of a first class suite.

That’s because Thai is switching out its usual Boeing 777s – fitted with business class and economy – for its larger Boeing 747s which offer first class as well, on flights TG466 from Melbourne and TG465 from Bangkok between October 1 and October 25 2016.

As the change is only temporary, the airline won’t be selling first class fares on these flights. Instead, business class passengers may select seats in the Boeing 747’s first class zone to enjoy a more comfortable ride.

Inflight dining (and airport lounge access) will be the same as if you were in business class: this is simply a first class seat with business class service, not a full first class experience as you’d get on Thai’s year-round Boeing 747s from Sydney.

But snag one of those first class suites and you’d be forgiven for blurring the two, with semi-private suites each offering direct aisle access in the modern-feel cabin…

Kick back in 'Royal First' (first class) on Thai's newer Boeing 747s
Kick back in 'Royal First' (first class) on Thai's newer Boeing 747s

… fully-flat beds and plenty of space to store your gear beside the seat:

A Thai Airways spokesperson confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that first class fares won't be sold on these Melbourne flights, and that business class passengers are welcome to select seats in the first class zone of the jumbo.

However, the spokesperson also noted that as is standard in the airline industry, "there is no guarantee that the 747 will operate on the route (or) that the seat allocation is guaranteed. Customers can request the (first class) seats but final allocation will be subject to airport (control) on the day of departure."

Thai Airways also plans to fly its latest Airbus A350 aircraft to Melbourne from October 30.

Read: Thai delays Airbus A350 on Melbourne-Bangkok to "late October"

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

07 Mar 2013

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I'm sure there's a chance you get a first class 'suite', however has TG confirmed they plan to operate the refitted 9 F suite 747 on MEL-BKK? I would've thought they'd be sending the older style 10 traditional F class seat (not pictured in this article) cabin for this temporary schedule?

24 Apr 2012

Total posts 2438

Seat maps all show the nine-seat first class cabin at this stage.

07 Mar 2013

Total posts 31

Sounds promising-ish then! Of course the 9F seat map is often shown on SYD flights, particularly TG472, but the 10F plane shows up on the day.

30 Aug 2013

Total posts 436

I STILL dont believe TG are actually going to bring a 747 to MEL for a 2 class service. It makes even less sense that it would be a 'new F' version meaning paid F customers on another route receive 'old F' while J pax get a new F seat for free. Madness.

TG are notorious for changing their mind at the last minute, I will believe it when I see the rego actually depart BKK as TG465 on 1 Oct!

United Airlines - Mileage Plus

10 Aug 2016

Total posts 3

Don't worry it's their new First class seats, I was on the flight

twice last month, still old plane but the First class seats and service is nice. Had a small issue with the entertainment system, locked up on me and had to be rebooted on both trips,
but I live with that.


09 Mar 2016

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In my experience the latest TG F is a very, very nice hard product and the soft product is really fine too: tire's something luxurious about having the FA kneel to pour your Dom for you whilst murmuring politenesses. But, I've been "TG-ed" so often, booked into latest F, switched into old F at last minute; booked into new J and switched out too. I'm completely sworn off TG at this point.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

13 Aug 2016

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Tried to select 1st class seats on-line, but wouldn't do it - it said to contact travel agent or Thai office. Of course that was at 5.01pm Friday, so have to wait till Monday now.

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