• Hate, hate, hate, hate these herringbone seats and the massage and chiro bills they trigger after I've tried for hours to see out the window rather than stare at a screen.

  • Last time I looked MEL-SIN on QF and SQ was always pretty heavily loaded on 330, 350 and 380. Post-CoVID might change that but I can't imagine 320XLR being suitable for that route.

  • Who needs it? I wish they’d spend the money on some decent mattress pads a la ANA so I can get a decent sleep. And if they have to do it Penhaligon? Really? 

  • Of course the meningococcal vaccine was given in a vaccination dose, but it was given whether people had already had it or not, since it was there only to keep the trial blind. This from the trial protocol: Volunteers enrolled into the control groups will receive 1 doses of MenACWY, a licens...

  • It's easy to mock the Russians but they still have some of the best scientists in the world, and they are not much constrained by the ethical and reporting requirements which apply in other industrialized societies. My own view is that any mass immunization with a new SARS CoV 2 vaccine in Russia...

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  • United MileagePlus points sale

    Oct 16, 2019, 05:25 PM

    One happening right now, I think. Up to 85% extra, which means at the high end of purchases.

  • Getting from JFK to Washington

    Jul 05, 2019, 05:20 PM

    Will you do US immigration at JFK? Look, personally, I would never tote 40 kilos of luggage from JFK to LGA. Even without bags, that trip is hard work with more hard work negotiating LGA and its constant delays and cancelations. The easiest way is to hop a DCA flight from JFK unless you’re ...

  • A350. No contest. Very quiet in the pointy end. Great aircraft which leaves every other wide body in the exhaust of its RR Trents.

  • Skybed II on A380 is rubbish. I haven’t had one that doesn’t need Viagra to prevent sagging and/or doesn’t malfunction. So uncomfortable. Lousy IFE technology. Food not bad, service very unpredictable. A380 always better to fly than any other equipment except A350 and 747-800. U...

  • 12a is a great seat on the SQ 77W. I use it all the time. 11a has much better space for feet but these days it’s blocked out until shortly before departure.

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