How to book Qatar Airways Qsuites with Qantas Points

By Brandon Loo, November 12 2018
How to book Qatar Airways Qsuites with Qantas Points

With Qatar Airways now flying the updated Qsuites daily between Canberra, Sydney and Doha, the Gulf airline and Oneworld member provides a second way for Sydney-based Qantas Frequent Flyer members to use their points for travel to Doha and beyond, alongside Qatar's existing A380 service.

It costs just 104,000 Qantas Points to book the Qsuites from Canberra or Sydney through to Doha, or a total of 139,000 Qantas Points to go all the way through to London. So if you're keen to trade some of your Qantas Points to sample what we regard as the world's best business class, read on.

Booking Qatar Airways Qsuites with Qantas Points: key routes

For Australian travellers, the most relevant flights will be from Canberra to Sydney to Doha, and then onwards to select cities in Europe and the United States (you can’t book the short Canberra-Sydney domestic hop on its own).

Key Qsuites routes for Australian travellers
Key Qsuites routes for Australian travellers

Qatar Airways does also operate Qsuites on certain flights from Doha to destinations in Asia, but they won’t be explored in detail within this guide (you can still use the same steps as below to book them with Qantas Points).

Booking Qatar Airways Qsuites with Qantas Points: how many points you’ll need

Here’s how many Qantas Points you’ll need to book these major routes in Qsuites, as well as what flight numbers to look out for (as of November 2018). Note that the same business class rate applies regardless of whether the flight has Qsuites or an older style seat.

Route (one-way)

Flight numbers

Business class



104,000 Qantas Points




QR5/6, QR7/8, QR15/16


QR67/68, QR69/70

53,000 Qantas Points

Doha-New York JFK


92,000 Qantas Points

If you’re merely transiting through Doha within 24 hours and connecting onwards to Europe or the USA, here’s how many points you need for the single ticket.

Route (one-way) Business class
Canberra/Sydney to London via Doha 139,000 Qantas Points
Canberra/Sydney to New York (JFK) via Doha 139,000 Qantas Points

Here’s the full Qantas Partner Reward table for how many points you’ll need for the distance of your journey. Sydney-Doha-London and Sydney-Doha-New York both fall into the highest Zone 10 category when flying straight through, thus they command the same amount of points even though New York is 3,500 miles further than London.


Booking Qatar Airways Qsuites with Qantas Points: how to book your Qsuite

Reward flights on Qatar are easy to book and are listed on the Qantas website alongside flight options for Qantas, Emirates, Cathay Pacific and more.

Start by entering your desired flight route, time and number of passengers, and select the 'Use Points' option to choose reward flights. You can tick ‘Flexible with dates’ if you want to bring up a monthly view of availability.

Here's a search for a simple Canberra to Doha one-way flight on a fixed date, which launches straight to the results. The Qatar Airways service via Sydney is usually the first option presented, if available.

At this point you might want to confirm that this flight does actually have the Qsuites planned. You can do this easily and for free at ExpertFlyer – instructions are at the end of this guide. Once you’re happy, enter your details and check-out quickly to nab your own Qsuite.

If you’re planning to fly through Doha and connect to Europe or the USA, the multi-city booking tool on the Qantas website can be a handy way to piece together your flights. Simply enter the details of your two flights, ensuring the 'Use pointe' box is selected as always.

Once you’ve chosen your first flight out of Australia, you can pick your onwards flight (in this example, to Frankfurt), double check it has Qsuites as well, and then proceed to book both flights together.

Checking if your flight has Qatar Airways Qsuites: through ExperFlyer

ExpertFlyer is a handy tool that we can use to quickly check if your flight has Qsuites. Create a basic (free) account, and click on ‘Create Seat Alert’.

Simply fill out the flight details you want to book, paying attention to the date and flight number. Select ‘Business class’ then ‘Search’.

The seat map will pop up, and in this instance confirms this is indeed the new Qsuites (the give-away is this alternating seat pattern).

Also read: Qatar Airways Qsuites best seats guide (Boeing 777 and Airbus A350)

As Qatar Airways brings in more jets fitted with the new Qsuites, availability should generally increase as well. Currently there's very limited availability of Qsuites between Doha and London, as well as New York (JFK).

Finally, it goes without saying that aircraft type is never guaranteed. So even if you splurge your points on the latest Qsuite, be prepared for the worst if they have to swap jets and you find yourself back in an old business class seat.

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Brandon Loo

Based in Perth, Brandon enjoys tucking into local delicacies, discovering new cocktails, and making aeroplane food look good on camera.

British Airways - Executive Club

06 Apr 2018

Total posts 8

Thanks Brandon a good guide. Do you know how many days in advance does QR open up award seats via Qantas? I.e. how many days out can I book (and presumably get the best availability)?

10 Jul 2018

Total posts 118

Qatar Airways reward seats are available approximately 353 days in advance, which is exactly when the Qantas calendar opens up as well.

If you search the latest possible date from today (31 October 2019 which is exactly 353 days), Qatar Airways business reward seats are already available including on the Qsuites flight.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

14 Oct 2016

Total posts 62

Can anyone clarify Qatar's current lounge access policy for those traveling on award seats? I Know that Qatar had made a few changes in the last 12 months so I'm unclear of if these tickets would grant flagship access, or i'd be forced to fall back on my OW status.

Lounge access is fine if you've booked a business class flight outright: it's only if you were originally booked in economy and paid or used Qatar miles to upgrade that lounge access doesn't come as part of the parcel.

31 Oct 2014

Total posts 3

I think I might be the only person who doesn’t like the Q suite. I found them claustrophobic. The extra size bed was good, but facing backwards meant that the crew went past you into order to attend to you and sometimes they just kept on walking and you felt like you’d been missed. I much prefer window seats in J.


24 Apr 2015

Total posts 2

Hi - I have recently booked on Qatar next year with QF points but am unable book seats on with the Qatar or Qantas websites and need to phone Qatar directly

02 Nov 2015

Total posts 4

Work around seems to be to remove your QFF# from the booking.

Then, and it may take up to 24 hours, you can choose seats on the Qatar website.

After you've chosen your seats, go back and add in your QFF#. Not sure why this works, but we've done it a couple of times


24 Apr 2015

Total posts 2

Thanks for that. I found the problem - the same QF FF number for us both but can’t change it on the Qatar site. Phone call I guess...

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

26 Oct 2017

Total posts 80

Thanks Brandon excellent article and Chris for the Lounge tip. I agree with Pushka ( You're Not alone) that Suites in J for me are somewhat claustrophobic where I seem to prefer large open air flat beds.

20 Jan 2017

Total posts 3

As far as Im aware, you cant book Qatar on Qantas website if you are coming from Doha to Sydney one way. Need to ring

02 Nov 2015

Total posts 4

I found the J reverse seat amazing, especially for nailing significant amounts of work. The arrangement of the "desk" and table made it brilliant and productive, especially with the never-empty glass of champagne!

08 Mar 2017

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Just returned from Syd airport after checking my deaf, 80 year old mother in law in on the QR flight to DOH, travelling in J class paid for totally by QF points. Would not allow QF lounge access in Syd or Doh!!!! Spent 25 minutes at customer service explaining that as paid in full by points they should have access, as featured on They could not provide anything in writing to the contrary and told me it would be in thier t&cs. Very officious personel, smirking at the site, so, my deaf, 80 year old mother-in-law, travelling solo, after losing her husband 6 months ago will now be wandering SYD and DOH concourses, when she should be safely relaxing in the lounges. Anyone had similar treatment ? I will be wearing them down over the coming weeks, that’s for sure.

02 Nov 2015

Total posts 4

Never had that issue and I've done fully rewards business booking a few times, though last time I flew on point was May 2018.
So sorry for your Mum - you could buy her lounge access in Doha (not ideal I know). Do hope you have organised "assistance" for her as it makes the world of difference!
Good luck following up and please update how you go.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 May 2013

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Has anyone else experienced this? Not sure I'd want to use my QF points for a Qatar seat in J if lounge access is denied.

02 Nov 2015

Total posts 4

Travelled over 27/2 and back 22/3, Bus Class on QFF points with Qatar, lounge access Adel, Doha, Ed & Doha - no issues at all. Superb service

21 Sep 2018

Total posts 1

Update on my mother-in-law back in January, she WAS allowed in the lounge at DOH, they just escorted her through as soon as she embarked! So, it just sounds like the “jobs worth” at QR at Sydney are the odd ones out )-:

Etihad - Etihad Guest

15 May 2019

Total posts 3

Great article Brandon. I am looking to book 2 J flights to Europe and want to experience the Q suites. I am a lowly life time silver now - used to be platinum. I understand that qantas don't make reward seats available until later for silver and I get that you can check availability thru' BA and AA. Could you please confirm that, if there are award seats available via say BA, that I can book them thru' qantas by calling them - even although they don't appear on the qantas site? Or am I only able to book them once Qantas make them available to silver & bronze etc?

Hi Coops, Qantas status has no impact on partner airline reward bookings. If you can't see your desired reward flight online, you can always try calling for a second look, of course.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

15 May 2019

Total posts 3

Thanks for the response Chris. I know Qatar release award seats 361 days out. Are you saying that these should appear on the Qantas site then for silvers - or do they appear later? And if I can see an award flight on the BA or AA site, can I call Qantas and get them to book it? Can Qantas Cust Service see more award flights that appear on the site?

Again, Qantas Silver status is irrelevant here: if and when Qatar Airways makes a reward seat available to Qantas Frequent Flyer, Qantas members can book it. Seeing a reward seat available elsewhere is no guarantee that Qatar has released the same to Qantas, so as above, if you're having trouble finding what you want using the website, it doesn't hurt to call.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

15 May 2019

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Thanks again Chris - much appreciated. Do you happen to know when Qatar release reward seats to Qantas members - or is it arbitrary? I think the lesson for me is to check as many sources as I can and if I see reward seats which are not appearing on the Qantas site, then call. I believe Qantas don't charge additional points for J class bookings - is that correct?

20 Jan 2017

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Hi All

After the much lauded Qsuites to Adelaide, seems they have disappeared as from April 2020. Still A350 but no Q suites

Hi Guest, join in the discussion on How to book Qatar Airways Qsuites with Qantas Points