• Travelled over 27/2 and back 22/3, Bus Class on QFF points with Qatar, lounge access Adel, Doha, Ed & Doha - no issues at all. Superb service

  • Never had that issue and I've done fully rewards business booking a few times, though last time I flew on point was May 2018.So sorry for your Mum - you could buy her lounge access in Doha (not ideal I know). Do hope you have organised "assistance" for her as it makes the world of difference!Goo...

  • I found the J reverse seat amazing, especially for nailing significant amounts of work. The arrangement of the "desk" and table made it brilliant and productive, especially with the never-empty glass of champagne!

  • Work around seems to be to remove your QFF# from the booking. Then, and it may take up to 24 hours, you can choose seats on the Qatar website. After you've chosen your seats, go back and add in your QFF#. Not sure why this works, but we've done it a couple of times

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