Inside Emirates iO: a secret invitation-only club for VIP flyers

By Chris C., September 30 2016
Inside Emirates iO: a secret invitation-only club for VIP flyers

Ask Emirates about the higher-than-Platinum ‘Invitation Only’ status level in its Skywards frequent flyer program and you’re likely to be told “No comment” or “We don’t like to talk about that.”

Indeed, the aptly-named iO tier is like one of those old established members-only clubs – no fancy sign, maybe not even a brass plate on the door: if you don’t know about it, then you probably don’t belong in the first place.

And that’s exactly how iO works.

Launched in 2010, it’s still not mentioned anywhere on Emirates’ Skywards website, which talks only of the four public tiers of Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum.

But for those on the inside, benefits range from private limousine transfers between aircraft and terminal right through to ‘anytime access’ to most Emirates lounges and even entry to the Qantas Chairman’s Lounges when flying within Australia.

While information about iO is usually hard to come by, here’s what we're able to share about Emirates’ secret VIP club.

How to get Emirates iO status

How one actually qualifies for that elusive iO card is seldom known outside of Emirates HQ – but one metric often murmured is that a traveller needs to take at least 50 Emirates flights each year on full-fare business or first class tickets to be in with a chance.

Alternatively, CEOs or those responsible for allocating a company’s travel budget are also understood to be considered if the company’s annual flight spend with Emirates is north of $1 million.

Invitations to the iO program come from none other than Emirates President Sir Tim Clark and last for two years at a time – after which your iO membership may be renewed for another two years or lowered to Platinum at Clark’s discretion.

Clark describes iO as “a very special and extremely exclusive club of Emirates travellers” in an iO welcome kit seen by Australian Business Traveller, noting that “this select group is reserved for our most valued customers.”

“Through iO, I want to recognise your importance to us by offering you the ultimate Emirates experience, one that meets your precise needs,” Clark continues.

Emirates iO (Invitation Only) benefits on the ground

In Australia, Emirates iO members enjoy access to the exclusive Qantas Chairman’s Lounges (below) in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth whenever flying with Qantas.

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But book a flight with Emirates and you’ll begin (and end) the journey with complimentary chauffeur-driven airport transfers, even if booked in economy – and if your aircraft pulls up at a remote stand in Dubai, you’ll be transferred by private car from plane to terminal, too.

In many airports you’ll also be personally escorted through security, passport control and into the lounge before your flight and collected at the time you prefer to board.

There aren’t any separate Emirates lounges for iO cardholders, but like Platinum frequent flyers, Emirates iO members can use Emirates’ first class lounges in Dubai and Qantas first class lounges in Australia when flying with Emirates or Qantas.

It’s also understood that iO travellers can stop by Emirates lounges across the globe regardless of which airline they’re travelling with, subject to space availability and the lounge’s usual opening hours.

Receiving your iO card for the first time is also a special moment – rather than being sent by mail, you’ll find it personally delivered to your home or office by a senior Emirates sales manager, along with a Mont Blanc wallet, matching luggage tags and a book in an iO-branded goody bag:

Also inside that bag: a companion Skywards Gold or Platinum card for a companion of your choice.

Emirates iO (Invitation Only) benefits in the air

Having trouble booking a flight using your Skywards miles? That’s where dedicated ‘iO Relationship Managers’ step in.

You’ll find the number on the back of your card and they’ll greet you by name when they answer the phone – yes, just like Ryan Bingham in Up in the Air.

Along with other requests, they may be able to assist in having frequent flyer reward seats made available on your chosen flight, while members can also make guaranteed business class bookings on any Emirates service, even if the flight is completely full.

Before you board, it’s also expected that the cabin crew will personally check every aspect of your seat to ensure it’s all working perfectly – and if not, you’ll be moved before leaving the lounge to ensure a smooth journey.

Some iO members also place very specific catering requests with the airline for their favourite meal and how they like it prepared.

For instance, if you fancy a low-fat lamb biryani without onions but with extra yoghurt and more rice than meat, Emirates’ Senior VP of Airport Catering can ensure it’s arranged for your flight, as Australian Business Traveller observed first-hand at Emirates’ Dubai catering centre:

Emirates iO cardholders have also shared that where empty seats are available in first class but they’re booked to fly in business class or economy, the crews will routinely move them to a first class seat just before landing to make for a quick getaway on arrival.

And when you’re back on the ground, keep your eyes on your inbox for complimentary event invitations – particularly to sporting events of which Emirates is the major sponsor.

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

27 Jan 2015

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I was travelling with a close friend who is an IO and we were refused access to the SYD Chairman's Lounge. Staff there said they didn't know about the IO program and what it was. Is there anything from Qantas to back up the entry policy?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

08 Sep 2012

Total posts 236

Great article!

I have a colleague in London who is iO and been fortunate to have traveled with him 2-3 times within Europe/Middle East.
The level of service provided to him is insanely good to the extent that on one occasion I'm sure passengers were downgraded from Business to Economy so they could upgrade us from economy to Business. They have even been known to offload confirmed passengers when a iO want to fly at the last minute. 
Not sure I agree with this level of excess although it's fun to see first hand.  

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

29 Jul 2013

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My spouse is iO and I have been stunned at the level of service from EK. Last year I decided last minute (as in 8 hours before time of departure) to join my spouse on a trip from Sydney to Milan. My spouse had a full-flex business class ticket, I bought a full-flex economy ticket and so my spouse called EK to try our luck requesting an upgrade on points for me even though it was well past the deadline. The iO relationship manager confirmed seats in First class (in both directions) for both of us on the spot, no points deducted from my spouse's account balance.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

08 Jun 2014

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last time I flew ek to dxb in f we were made to wait for an io before we could board the aircraft. he had to go first! that made me feel great about my f experience

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

10 Dec 2016

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The Emirates iO is really no different to Virgin Australia's The Club, it gives the same First Class Lounge access and aircraft transfers etc. Etihad have a similar program . You never have to worry about getting a seat on a flight even when the flight is full.

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