Earn 25% more Velocity Points on credit card transfers

Turn your credit card points into Velocity points to enjoy this balance-boosting bonus.

By David Flynn, August 1 2022
Earn 25% more Velocity Points on credit card transfers

Been steadily building up your American Express Membership Rewards points over the last few months, if not years?

Now’s the time to turn them into Velocity points to enjoy this balance-boosting bonus, and move closer to that next points-based award flight booking on either Virgin Australia or its international partners such as Air Canada, Etihad Airways, Hawaiian Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Qatar Airways and United Airlines.

From August 1 through to August 15, American Express is offering a 25% bonus on converting its Membership Rewards points to Velocity points. 

The promotion spans the following rewards program points:

  • Membership Rewards Ascent
  • Gateway
  • Premium Ascent
  • Business Ascent
  • Corporate Ascent
  • David Jones Membership Rewards

There’s a minimum transfer of 2,000 Membership Rewards points (or 1,998 Membership Rewards points for Business Ascent) from the American Express Membership Rewards Program to Velocity to claim that 25% bonus.

Given the ‘exchange rate’ of 2 Membership Rewards points generally equals 1 Velocity point, that means your 2,000 Membership Rewards points with that 25% bonus will be magicked into 1,250 Velocity points.

(The sole exception to that 2:1 conversion rate is American Express Business Ascent, where  3 Membership Rewards points equals 2 Velocity Points.)

You can claim this bonus as many times as you want until August 15, as long as you shift that minimum of 2,000 Membership Rewards across to Virgin Australia Velocity Frequent Flyer each time.

Another way to look at it: the number of points needed to snare a flight on Virgin Australia and its international airlines will be reduced by 25%.

AMEX notes that “transfers are normally immediate, but please allow up to 1 business day for the transfer to be completed” – so either way, shortly after sending those Membership Rewards points across you’ll be closer to making your booking or locking in your upgrade.

Click here for full details on this promising Membership Rewards promotion and bring your next tip or upgrade just a few clicks away.

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