How to get a refund on cancelled Qantas, Virgin Australia flights

If the airline cancels your flight, you may be entitled to a cash refund – but even if not, your money isn't lost.

By Chris C., April 15 2020
How to get a refund on cancelled Qantas, Virgin Australia flights

It's no exaggeration to say that the coronavirus pandemic has impacted the travel plans of every Australian.

Qantas and Virgin Australia have suspended all regular international flights and culled domestic routes, most states have all but closed their borders to interstate travellers, while the Australian Government has banned citizens who live in the country from jetting overseas.

Airlines were quick to assure worried would-be travellers that their bookings could be converted into travel vouchers and held as credit against future trips.

However, this doesn't rule out claiming a refund on a Qantas or Virgin Australia booking. Getting a refund on your ticket hinges on several factors, foremost among them being the reason for the cancellation – particularly whether you chose to cancel your booking, or the airline chose to cancel your flight.

Update: While Virgin Australia is in voluntary administration, the airline has temporarily paused the issuing of new travel credits and refunds. In the meantime, affected customers can still lodge these requests.

Travel vouchers vs refunds

Qantas and Virgin Australia both provide passengers with the option of turning their booking on a forthcoming flight into a travel voucher, regardless of whether their ticket would usually attract a cancellation fee or even not permit any changes.

At the time of writing, travel vouchers are offered for flights up until July 31 (Qantas) or June 30 (Virgin Australia).

When it's time to rebook your trip, you'll obviously need to pay any difference between your original fare and the fare charged for your new journey.

Given the current economic difficulties facing many Australians, and the fact that not everybody will be rushing back into the skies once this is behind us – experts forecast a slow recovery stretching through to 2023 – it’s understandable that many people would prefer a refund rather than travel credit, so that they can put their money back into their bank account.

This has become a hot topic of late, with the International Air Transport Association (IATA) saying that cash-strapped airlines can't afford customer refunds if they are to survive a prolonged pandemic shut-down.

“The key element for us is to avoid running out of cash, so refunding the cancelled ticket for us is almost unbearable, financially speaking,” IATA Director General Alexandre De Juniac said earlier this week, stressing that customers should accept vouchers.

IATA claims that around US$35 billion of tickets already issued worldwide would be due for a refund by the end of June, and that vouchers or a delayed refund was all airlines could offer.

Refunds for cancelled flights are mandated by law within the European Union, and the US Department of Transportation now requires carriers to refund tickets for flights they cancel or a significant schedule change which is not acceptable to the passenger.

Qantas and Virgin Australia are both obligated to give you a refund if the airline cancels your flight and can't offer a suitable alternative, although you’ll have to ask for that refund.

Getting a refund on Qantas flight bookings

Outside of any fare rules that may normally allow for a refund, claiming your money back on Qantas domestic and international flights is possible under some circumstances.

These are outlined in the airline’s Conditions of Carriage. Those relevant here include the following, when Qantas…

  • is unable to carry you on a confirmed reservation
  • delays your flight to the extent that you must cancel your travel plans
  • makes a “significant change” to your flight’s scheduled timings, and no other flights are acceptable to you
  • cancels your flight and cannot offer you a suitable alternative replacement.

A “significant change” means “a change that significantly impacts you and your travel plans”, without having a defined number of hours (or days) applied.

Provided any change to your travel plans doesn’t suit you, and you don’t accept any other flights offered, you could well be entitled to a refund.

If you believe you qualify for a refund under the above, Qantas suggests you contact its Customer Care department.

Refunds when Qantas hasn’t cancelled your flight

If your flight remains scheduled but you’ve chosen not to travel, getting your money back will depend on the fare rules of your ticket. If the fare you booked was non-refundable, that condition remains in place.

However, your money isn’t lost: if your flight is scheduled to depart before July 31 2020, you can instead ask Qantas to convert the price you paid into a travel voucher, which can be used towards a future booking for flights until December 31 2021.

Any normal change fees will be waived when using these travel vouchers, although if your new flight is more expensive than the price you originally paid, you’ll need to cover the difference.

These flight credits must be requested by April 30 2020 via the Qantas website, or via your travel agent, if you used one.

For flights departing in May through July, means you can’t wait and see whether your flight gets cancelled – which could then entitle you to a full refund, with the travel voucher as a ‘backup plan’.

If you don’t plan to travel but your flight remains scheduled, it’s best to request that voucher now, while the option is available.

Flights scheduled to depart after July 31 2020 currently remain subject to normal fare rules.

Read more: Turning your Qantas flight into a credit voucher

Getting a refund on Virgin Australia flight bookings

Like Qantas, Virgin Australia opens the door to cash refunds when the airline changes or cancels the flight you’ve booked, even on ‘non-refundable’ fares.

However, you won’t be immediately offered a refund – here are the steps to get there.

  • At first, if your flight is disrupted, Virgin will move you to the next available Virgin Australia flight to the same destination, without charge.
  • If the new flight is not suitable to you, you may then be transferred onto a different flight, which may include services operated by other airlines, in the case of international flights.

If these arrangements still remain unsuitable, you can then request a refund (or a Travel Bank credit) by contacting the airline, or your travel agent.

Refunds when Virgin Australia hasn’t cancelled your flight

Trying to cancel your flights even though they’re still operating? Take a look at the fare rules of your ticket to confirm whether you’re eligible to cancel your flight and obtain a refund, as may be permitted on some higher-priced itineraries.

Otherwise, Virgin Australia is currently offering free cancellations for all passengers with flights booked for travel up until June 30 2020, when requested via the Virgin Australia website.

You won’t receive a cash refund, but you will receive a travel credit, which can be used towards a new flight booking at a later date. You also won’t be charged a cancellation fee, even if you’d normally be billed for one in line with normal fare rules.

Alternatively, you can request a change of date or destination without incurring a change fee, although any fare difference between your current ticket and the new itinerary will still apply.

Bookings for flights departing after June 30 2020 currently remain subject to normal fare rules and conditions.

Also read: Virgin Australia unlocks free flight changes

Airline refunds under Australian Consumer Law

With both Qantas and Virgin Australia offering refunds where plans are disrupted by the airline, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) confirms that when a cancellation is instead made by a passenger, this is generally treated as a “change of mind”.

This includes changes or cancellations stemming from concerns about the coronavirus, says the ACCC.

Even in normal circumstances, “consumer guarantees (which can entitle customers to remedies including refunds) do not apply if you got what you asked for but simply changed your mind … or had no use for (your purchase.)”

Furthermore, “if your travel is cancelled due to government restrictions, this impacts your rights under the consumer guarantees,” which is where airline policies on refunds instead come into play.

“The ACCC (still) expects that you will receive a refund or other remedy, such as a credit note or voucher, in most circumstances. If you receive a credit note or voucher, it should have an expiration date which is long enough to allow you to use the credit note or voucher.”

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

17 Nov 2011

Total posts 27

Hi Chris, thanks this is a very timely article.

I have just posted about this issue over in the community forum. Qantas cancelled my flight a few weeks ago for departure on 21 April. I have requested a refund but Qantas is trying to charge people requesting the refund a cancellation fee which would normally only apply if the passenger cancels the booking.

Do you have any insights into this or are you able to update the article to note this issue?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

29 Nov 2013

Total posts 481

Hi George,

I had a similar issue with Qantas for a flight to Europe leaving around the 19th.

I held out on cancelling until the announcement was made by Qantas to stop all INTL flights effective 31/3 - once this was made I cancelled my flight via the Qantas website - this is where it got interesting/weird...

My fare class allowed me to cancel with cash refund less a $500 cancel fee - that sucks but I was prepared to wear that on a $7k fare. On the cancellation page I was given the option of cash refund or travel credit - I chose cash refund (with screen captures).

Low and behold, 2 weeks later I get a nice email from Qantas confirming my travel credit...

I pinged AMEX asking what my options where because I wasn't prepared to accept a travel credit - they said persist with contacting Qantas - if no joy I can raise a dispute.

So I finally rang Qantas on the 28th of March and was told that yep, should have been a cash refund - they'll process it AND waive the $500 cancel fee.

I've informed AMEX, I'm yet to see the credit hit my AMEX account... but my expectation is that the full amount is being refunded.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

01 Nov 2016

Total posts 130

Chris thanks for the article and information. Very useful.

Thanks Chris. Are you able to provide similar information re Jetstar? Maybe it's pretty much the same as Qantas. I am disappointed that Jetstar is offering only vouchers for our party of 8 who had to cancel our trip to Hawaii over Easter. Who knows if or when we can arrange to do this in the future? I will never book Jetstar again when there is another option available (even if more expensive).

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

01 Apr 2017

Total posts 27

I got a refund on my JQ return flight to Thailand over Easter. I waited until Jetstar cancelled my flight, which they told me by email, and then used the REFUND REQUEST FORM to apply for a refund. Took about 3 weeks to get the money back (to my CC).

Thanks for this info. I will give it a try.


Johns....many thanks for your reply above.

Yesterday, I did use the link and eventually connected to a Jetstar "Live Chat" operator. It did not take too long to have the operator advise that I could have EITHER voucher(s) or refund. Of course, I chose refund and was advised that this WOULD BE DONE....maybe take 14-28 days, but so much a better result.

Many Thanks Again......Wilbur-In-Carlton

24 May 2020

Total posts 1

Thanks for sharing this link. They have done such a great job of hiding it I never would have found it on my own. Since live chat stopped working this is a quick, simple and better alternative. I used the form for several cancellations and my completed forms were responded to within 1 day. Thanks again for sharing. And a shout out to Jetstar apart from hiding the form I am very happy with how all my bookings were handled. I would have no hesitation to rebook with Jetstar.

26 Jul 2013

Total posts 15

Thank you for the link

I just used the form to cancel a flight and was approved 15 minutes latet

09 Apr 2020

Total posts 1

How do I know if the flight has been cancelled? It seems many flights are still showing as available on various booking websites, in spite of very few flights actually going ahead.

17 Mar 2020

Total posts 2

I have requested a Virgin Travel Credit quite some time ago and still have not received anything except an email saying they are working on it. However, one of my friends (who I helped to get to the link some time after I claimed mine) got it within 1 week. What's happening?

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

06 Dec 2012

Total posts 170

also like to know what the policy/protocol is RE double status credit bookings. What if Covid 19 impacts on travel are still around when the travel period for a double status credit booking has lapsed. The only reason I booked an upcoming trip was because of the double status promotion - one of the main reasons I imagine that airlines have such promotions is to get punters to book ad hoc flights. I have pushed the trip back once already but what happens if I current restrictions mean I can't take it before October when the travel period for the booking ends. Shouldn't double status still be awarded or I should be able to cancel the trip for a full refund if not.

15 Mar 2018

Total posts 63

Qantas offer a credit note, but you can request a refund if they cancel.

15 Mar 2018

Total posts 63

For bookings out to end of June, I've had them advise cncellations.

04 Jan 2014

Total posts 40

While I can understand Qantas trying to withhold refund monies and offer(insist) on vouchers (credit notes), I see the future issue where extending the credit note usage date may not be possible, and Qantas will then have the excuse to take all monies and points etc,. This may force you have to fly overseas before a vaccine is available

I see the minimum duration for the voucher to be at least 24 months, with an option to extend a further 12 months. Because of increased points use needed, I would like to see my present points used provided with a buffer to cater for the new points use rules. Who knows what will happen in the next 12 months. I for one will not travel over seas until such time a reliable vaccine is in use. Apparently, this could take 12-18 months from now. Right now, I think a full refund of monies and points is my best option.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

03 Jan 2018

Total posts 1

Thanks Chris, very useful. Can you please provide comment re Air New Zealand refunds?

20 Jun 2020

Total posts 1

DITTO. I see the ACCC has commented about Qantas refund practices and the airline has made some changes as a result.

What is the situation with other airlines which have also sold international flights to Australians and then been forced by government restrictions to cancel them?

Air New Zealand continues to insist customers are not entitled to refunds for cancellations outside the airline's control. They're a hard-nosed outfit but I'm not sure they can avoid the provisions of Australian consumer law that easily. Surely the ACCC's views on Qantas apply equally to other airlines?

Can anyone on this forum provide sound advice?

Has anyone been successful in getting a refund from Air New Zealand?


25 Feb 2018

Total posts 3

I requested a refund mid March from Qantas. Nothing happened. Finally rang waiting hours for a call back. Assured refund was on its way. Then several days later email received with a voucher which expired end of April. Numerous attempts to reach customer service. After many days response with an invoice showing refund. Yesterday received SMS giving me choice of refund or voucher. Chose refund again. Would probably have reluctantly accepted voucher if it were valid for at least 2 years and could be used as I choose but very restrictive- can only issue in same name for a fare of at least the same value.

Not sure if I will see my money. Will be booking cheapest economy ticket possible in future.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

27 Jun 2017

Total posts 9

I rang Qantas in March and cancelled four business class fares for myself and family.

Money was in AMEX 3 days later with credit card charges also refunded.


13 Aug 2016

Total posts 68

Virgin refused to provide an refund on my April trip for AKL-BNE-DPS-MEL-AKL, booked via Expedia (they even suggested request for an full refund).

It VA's response to there request was they could only offer an travel credit valid for 12months from the date of issue.

An VA travel credit is not use full to anyone based in New Zealand, VA isn't flying here until the end of June.

05 Mar 2015

Total posts 391

Great advice, thanks Chris and ET. I hope the airlines really extend the validity of their travel vouchers because a lot of people will simply not be rushing back to travel, it will depend on where they intended going to and if that destination is still considered 'safe'. A lot of companies will have travel restrictions in place for some time and for families, especially if they have been hit by job loss and we end up with the recession which everybody expects, then even if they can use their voucher to rebook their family holiday flights they might not have the money for the hotel or food or entertainment or side-tours etc.

17 Mar 2020

Total posts 2

Qantas - BA - BA - Qantas on a Mel-Sin-Lhr-Sin-Mel first class flights in late June and early July, booked through Webjet.

If you think it is hard to get a refund from 1 airline, try getting it from 2!

06 Feb 2014

Total posts 114

Where it get interesting is when you have booked through a provider like Webjet...Are you subject to their terms and conditions or the airline?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

19 Jul 2017

Total posts 4

We had our March MEL-SIN-MEL flights in F on points changed twice before the flights were cancelled altogether. We are still waiting for the points and tax charges to be refunded as promised, maybe another 6 hour wait for a phone call return may be needed.

24 Jan 2020

Total posts 5

My recent experience with VA and JQ for international short haul travel in J class during mid April 2002 was as follows:

JQ (flight cancelled by JQ and notified by email with no alternatives available) - could not get through to them on the phone and used the chat option instead. Waited in chat queue for some 2 hrs but once I got connected, the transaction was quick and trouble-free. I asked for a full refund upfront which was granted as a matter of course. Was given an indication of a 7 day turn around time for refund processing but asked to be patient if it took a little longer given their current workload. 14 days later full refund showing in my credit card account.

VA (flights cancelled by VA and notified by email with no alternatives available) - although I didn't place my call to VA straight away to give those travelling in March and early April a chance to resolve their immediate travel first, once I called VA call centre, I got through pretty quickly (probably because of my Plat status giving me the priority in the phone queue). I asked for a full refund, which was declined. Options given were full amount in the form of Travel Credit or a refund amount reduced by $400 cancellation fee which is the same as if I were the one who initiated cancellation (which of course is not the case). $400 fee on a $1,700 fare paid for originally (or 24%) cannot be justified and so I didn't accept either options. About a week later I received a 'thank you for choosing VA and welcome to Travel Credit' email. I called VA, got through quickly again, and questioned the Travel Credit email. Long story short, I was then lectured that I fall in the 1% of Australians who object to being involuntary unsecured creditors to VA on unilaterally imposed Travel Credit terms which grossly favour the airline's agenda and realistically, don't provide any guarantees of future use; apparently the other 99% of Australian population is in wishing VA well, going out of their way to help it with the cash-flow issues. (Reallly ???) May I add that not once was I asked by VA how I was fairing nowadays, did I still have a job, could I afford to support the airline financially right now based on either my own situation or that of my family, etc.

My personal take on all airlines' conduct in these times is this - the true value of all relationships gets tested in bad times and current times are as bad as they could be. I have made the choice to for the past 20 years support one airline. I had a really good time in exercising my long term loyalty to them and don't regret having 'contributed to its cash-flow' for these past 20 years. But the loyalty in this relationship was one sided, it would appear. I am actually not fussed; I got over more meaningful relationships in my lifetime and I'll get over this one as well. But I reckon I have at least another 20 yrs of travel in me. When travel returns to normality, which it will eventually. I very much look forward to starting a new long term relationship. I don't have any guarantees that it will work better this time, but what the hack, it's worh giving it a try!

24 Jan 2020

Total posts 5

Sorry about the typo, was meant to write April 2020 (not April 2002).

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

07 Dec 2014

Total posts 173

The underlying assumption that customers are almost like their bank to prop up the company pretty poor.

If they have cancelled services (and therefore can't provide the service paid for), they should refund. Note I believe this is fundamentally different than if they can still fly, but you can't travel.

If they can't provide the service, and can't afford for refunds, should they not have entered administration sooner? They continued to use customer funds to pay for other expenses when they knew they would never be able to honour those flights purchased. Isn't this basically the definition of trading while insolvent - if not in the legal sense, then in the moral sense?

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

22 May 2019

Total posts 2

Qantas cancelled my Mel to Honolulu flights and said I would receive a 100% refund which would take around 6 weeks to process. Now I have 2 texts saying I need to click here to accept a refund or credit note, in which case usual cancellation fees apply. I'm afraid if I select refund they will process and charge a cancellation fee even though they told me on the phone no fees would apply. Any advice?

12 Dec 2018

Total posts 20

Similar to all the above I have a family of 5 booked MEL - LHR return from 18th June. Haven't cancelled as yet, nor have I been contacted by Qantas other than to be told they are very busy and to not get in touch unless flying in the next 48 hours (which i'm obviously not, so I've given them their space). I am well aware though of the deadline of end April to claim a credit so the clock is certainly ticking.

I too am concerned now that even though I'd fully intend to take the flight at the same time in 2021 if I could, there are potentially other factors such as further delays or countries not being on top of the issue impacting it further.

I'd be interested to hear from others what their experience was like with the call center, particularly wait times etc now given the passing of time, and whether calling at 2am or similar is still the best option. Also any language or key phrases that worked for you in getting a refund ?

Singapore Airlines - KrisFlyer

28 Jun 2019

Total posts 77

"Your Conditions of Carriage provide for a refund."

(If / once they've cancelled your flight. You won't have success otherwise. Clock may be ticking on voucher but I'd suspect the likelihood of that flight operating on 18 June to be very low. If I were you, I'd probably leave it as us on assumption of cancellation. Worst that could happen is flight operates and you have to pay cancellation fees. Not cheap, but again, with the likelihood of the flight going so low, I'd probably risk that over a voucher unless you're satisfied you will use it.)

12 Dec 2018

Total posts 20

Many thanks @FlyingKangaroo, I knew I could rely on this forum for a measured response. Cheers.

04 Jan 2014

Total posts 40

Hi 27.. we are similar and had the email from Qantas saying to get your credit sorted by the end of April. But we think the world may not be in a good place, travel wise, 12 months from now and that vaccinations may not be available. So, this makes us inclined to getting a full refund of our monies, taxes and points. We will then re-book when travel safety looks ok. Be interesting to see if they will demand 'cancellation costs', considering it it Qantas who have closed all flights.

I would have hoped Qantas provided double points and or "something" to encourage the use of the credit system. At present, the credit period seems too short, and we may end up having to try and extend it...Refund sounds easier.

Agree, that calling the call centre in the middle of the night may provide a better wait time. Have to make sure the mobile is recharged before call.


03 Sep 2014

Total posts 16

re this comment:

….. so refunding the cancelled ticket for us is almost unbearable, financially speaking,” IATA Director General Alexandre De Juniac said earlier this week, stressing that customers should accept vouchers.

So bad luck for the customers who may also be tight on cash, and no guarantee some of the airlines will be flying again, what a stupid statement. Ask the owners to stump up to support their business, it is not the passengers responsibility to ensure airlines are financially viable, and some passengers are doing it tough, vouchers don't by food.

Most travellers would have booked in good faith fully intending to travel, and it is not unreasonable to expect a refund.

Cheers, john

04 Jan 2014

Total posts 40

I have the Qantas App on my phone. A few days ago, It messaged me to say my flights had been changed and to chat to them. Sure enough, pressing the chat comment took me to a chat screen. I gave my booking ref and names etc. In about 45 mins they replied asking for full names of pax and departure flight date. An hour later, Qantas sent me a text via chat on the Qantas app saying the flight had been cancelled and all monies and flyer points will be credited back in the next two weeks. Sure beats waiting on the phone for a few hours.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

Total posts 605

Well, you're a Call Centres best friend. Waited 45 mins and then another 60 mins, you have the patience of Job, I'd have gone off the deep end. Well done!

Good luck por930 with getting your money and points credited back in two weeks. I've been waiting for four weeks now for refunds on three cancelled flights. I did get notification after three weeks that one additional flight refund had been processed but it still took almost a week for the money (less credit card transaction fees) to be returned to my credit card. Hoping to see the rest soon, but not holding my breath.

04 Jan 2014

Total posts 40

Yeah, I think in this covid19 world, while the reps think a few weeks, in real life, Qantas system not happy in giving money/points back and will drag it out. While my booking was with Qantas, they only had 2 of the 8 legs. As 4 legs were with Emirates and 2 were with BA, which no doubt will complicate matters. When it happens, I will report back.

Virgin is folding, what happens now to my travel credit????

22 Aug 2015

Total posts 9

A common misconception. They're not 'folding' or 'collapsed'. They are under the control of administrators who will try get the business back on track. There are more than 10 interested buyers.

Okay, get back to the question: what happens now to my travel credit?

04 Jan 2014

Total posts 40

Hi geertj....

Saw this in the Guardian."

The plan was to keep flying during administration, he said.

Scurrah said there was no intention to cancel flight credits and that the goodwill associated with those credits would be worked through with interested parties. In other words, flight credits are safe for the time being."

So, from reading the above, ...all depends on who buys the airline and what they will do about creditors

Thanks so very much for that explanation por930. We should have been flying today and it still hurts that the beautiful holiday we planned has just gone up in smoke. All the best.

04 Jan 2014

Total posts 40

Yeah, geertj, we would have been flying next month..probably one of our last long trips and was F or J everywhere. But, better home safe and sound than in a hospital some where wondering if we will survive.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

24 Jan 2018

Total posts 605

We were booked to fly on Virgin's inaugural flight MEL to DSP on April 1st, but that got scotched, tix refunded in full back onto Amex. Seeing how Indonesia is coping, reckon we dodged a bullet.

25 Apr 2020

Total posts 1

Hi All

we also got the email from Qantas about getting vouchers for flights in June. We know we will fly as soon as we can so are happy to take the vouchers just concerned they might be impossible to use if we need to contact Qantas to redeem them or are limited to dates and destinations. Is there any talk from Qantas about restrictions on the use of credit vouchers?

04 Jan 2014

Total posts 40

Hi wan11, have a look at their website comments...

27 Apr 2020

Total posts 3

Can anyone give me some advice please. I bought 2 tickets from Qantas to fly BNA to ATL on 25/03/2020. My husband and I were on a round the world trip and were at that time in Australia. The UK Government advised on 16/03/2020 that U.K. Citizens, such as my husband and myself, should curtail travel and return to U.K. asap. On 17/03/2020 President Trump made a declaration barring U.K. Residents/Citizens from entering the USA. We therefore would not be able to use, for no fault of our own, the 2 tickets that I had purchased. In fact we would invalidate our travel insurance if we had travelled onwards against Government advice. Despite trying immediately to contact Qantas for information (as to what to do) by 'phone over many hours, making a personal visit to a Qantas staffed airport and talking with a member of Staff, completing a Customer Care enquiry and receiving an acknowledgement, after 3 further e-mails to Qantas I have still not heard anything about getting a refund. We managed to fly back to U.K. with BA on 27/03/2020 buying the tickets ourselves. Does anyone think Qantas is going to be bothered to reply to me or should I just give up pursuing the matter in disgust?

04 Jan 2014

Total posts 40

Hi Georgia747, you could try Qantas Facebook, and keep hammering them there, as well as emails. Sooner or later, they will respond due to the constant requests from you. Good luck.

Hi Georgia747, I don't know if your situation is the same as mine, but, I requested refunds from Qantas on four return flights 5 weeks ago. After 3 weeks I was notified that one request had been processed and a week later received the money back onto my credit card. After 4 weeks I was notified that a second refund request had been processed and a week later (today) received the money back onto my credit card. I am now waiting for the final two refund requests to be processed. I assume now that it will eventually happen, albeit slowly.

27 Apr 2020

Total posts 3

Dear por930

Thanks for giving me the encouragement to keep on having a go at Qantas for a refund. I don't know what Facebook page to use but I found a site more directed to disputes within Europe and so have e-mailed my dispute to [email protected] I hope this targets the correct department because although the UK is no longer in the European Union it is still covered by the same rules and regulations until the end of 2020. I have asked for a reply and if they have the curtesy to give me one will let you know what they say. Cheers.

27 Apr 2020

Total posts 3

Dear por930

Just to let you know your advice to " keep hammering" Qantas for a full refund eventually succeeded. This week Customer Care eventually responded to my original e-mail sent on 17 March 2020 about my booking from BNE to ATL via LAX on 25 March 2020. At first they said they had no notification that I had tried to contact them to re-arrange this flight as on the 16 March 2020 the USA had banned U.K. Residents (me and my husband) from entering the US. This was untrue as I had an acknowledgement from Qantas on 19 March saying they had received my query asking for advice or a refund. They then offered me a voucher which I said was not acceptable as I live in the U.K. and would not be able to use such tickets. They then refunded the monies but imposed a $400 Aus. per person cancellation fee. I said they could not do this as I, the customer, was not the person who instigated the cancellation. I refirmed that I was entitled to a full refund as per the refund policy which is stated in the above article - "airline is unable to carry passenger on confirmed booking". Yesterday they replied that all the money I paid $2,500 Aus would be refunded to my Visa card without a cancellation fee being applied. Hopefully the money will be in my account in the next few weeks, fingers crossed! The refund process has not been easy but I would like to thank everyone who gives advice on this forum, and the writer of the article, without who's help I, as a retired UK resident, would not have known how to get started. I believe Qantas did the right thing as befitting the good airline that it is.

04 Jan 2014

Total posts 40

Hi Georgia747, great news. Pleased Qantas eventually came through. In the end I had all my monies and points refunded...just need patience and a lot of persistence.

14 Aug 2021

Total posts 1

I have 4 ticket for my family from Sydney to Hong Kong return which was purchased prior to 20Apr2020. We had used the Sydney to Hong Kong ticket portion on 06Jan2020, the return from Hong Kong to Sydney ticket portion had not been used when Virgin Australia went into voluntary administration. 

Now I am trying to approach Virgin Australia to see how I can get Future Flight Credits, however to my surprise they only have a telephone number for such. I had search the Virgin Australia trying to find an email address contact but found none existing of such. This makes claims from oversea very expense specially when we doing most business now days by internet online including ticket purchases. 

This appears to be a deliberate ploy by Virgin Australia to get out of their obligations under the protection of Australian Consumer Law. Is this what VIRGIN AUSTRALIA has become?

24 Jan 2020

Total posts 5

Pyan, on their website, go to the 'contact us' page and submit the request by completing the online form. If their reply is then taking too long to receive back, write to their Guest Relations department with your complaint on this email address, from which I have been receiving their responses to my previous complaints - [email protected] Good luck!

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