Qatar Airways offers free flights for Australian healthcare workers

Doctors, nurses and more can put their hand up for a pair of free return flights to any destination in Qatar's worldwide network.

By Chris C., May 13 2020
Qatar Airways offers free flights for Australian healthcare workers

Qatar Airways is gifting 100,000 complimentary return flights to healthcare workers from Australia and around the world, valid for travel to any destination in Qatar Airways’ global network – and with a companion in tow.

Open to doctors, nurses, paramedics, medical practitioners, pharmacists, lab technicians and clinical researchers, those eligible can register their details via the Qatar Airways website.

"To ensure the application process is fair and transparent, each country will receive a daily allocation of tickets, depending on its population size, staggered over a seven day period from 12 to 18 May," the airline says.

Each daily allocation of tickets will be released at 12:01am Doha time – that's 7:01am on Australia's east coast – throughout the campaign period.

The winning applicants will receive an email from Qatar Airways containing a promotion code which can be used to make a booking via the airline’s website.

“We at Qatar Airways are incredibly grateful for the commitment and hard work of healthcare professionals around the world who looked after people in these times of uncertainty,” said Qatar Airways Group CEO, His Excellency Akbar Al Baker.

“We hope that our small offer of a complimentary return flight on Qatar Airways will allow them to enjoy a well-deserved holiday, visit family and friends or explore a destination they have always dreamed of, as travel restrictions start to ease.”

How to book free Qatar Airways flights for healthcare workers

Armed with a promo code, travellers can secure their seats via the Qatar Airways website, entering the code during the booking process to void the fare price and any surcharges.

Any applicable government taxes will remain payable by the passenger, and travel will be in economy class.

Flights must be booked by November 26 2020, for departure by December 10 2020.

However, “if restrictions on travel still apply for certain nationals leaving their countries in December, we will make a special exemption to extend the validity” of the ticket, a Qatar Airways spokesperson confirmed to Executive Traveller.

Given the uncertain nature of international leisure travel as well, all tickets will be fully flexible, with recipients able to make an unlimited number of destination or date changes without paying any change fees.

At airport check-in, the healthcare worker will need to present their employee ID or other suitable documents for verification. This should match the information supplied during the application process for the tickets.

Eligible healthcare workers will also receive a 35% discount voucher to redeem at Qatar Duty Free outlets at Doha’s Hamad International Airport: Qatar Airways’ home hub.

Qatar Airways has continued to offer international connecting flights throughout the coronavirus crisis, but does plan to reduce the size of its fleet by 25% – and park its Airbus A380 superjumbos for at least a year, if not indefinitely – in line with reduced travel demand.

Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

08 Jul 2014

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A nice gesture, perhaps, but in the Australian context at least, I would suggest that of all healthcare workers, our CLEANERS should be the recipients of this largesse, given (a) their critical role on the frontline of keeping us all safe (moreso than mine as a medical specialist), (b) the risk to which they are exposed, and (c) their very low rates of pay. The system would collapse without them.

04 May 2015

Total posts 261

That's true. Plus, I can't see too many doctors (who would largely be on six-figure salaries and be accustomed to flying up front) going out of their way for an economy class flight.

08 Feb 2018

Total posts 160

Drs arent the only health care workers. And even many doctors arent actually paid that much until later in their careers.

04 Dec 2017

Total posts 68

Try getting it to respond first. Error messages and captcha images which never appear causing further error messages. Typial QR shambles on the ground.


19 Sep 2013

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Qatar have been fantastic in the way that they have agreed to refund cancelled flights, even to the point of providing a 10% bonus for those willing to accept a Travel Voucher. AND the voucher is NOT back-dated to the date of booking, only to the date of Voucher issue. Well done Qatar, and another reason why I fly with them for my overseas travel.

Amazing to see an airline have more respect for health care workers than the Australian government has. As an Australian registered nurse working in ICU I couldn't even see a specialist nor have surgery when I was sick. I resigned to get my long service leave and holiday pay and had surgery out of my own pocket, overseas of course (and left Australia). So good on you, Qatar Airways! (and I agree with DrSK cleaners should be included)

13 May 2020

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Hello,that's as awesome offer form Qatar.its nice to be appreciate. Can i ask how do we book the flights;

24 Apr 2012

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This is covered in the article. You need to apply for a promo code first. If successful, this can be used to make a booking.

14 May 2020

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Error Msg keeps popping up any one successful , do you have to keep submitting?.I've been submitting for an hour and still no luck .

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

25 Jun 2017

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I'm getting the error message after submitting form just after 7.01am. Then five minutes later on resubmiting getting the message that country allocation exhausted. Would suggest that chances of winning the lottery would be higher than winning a ticket, as the allocation for Australia based on population would be miniscule. So probably a waste of time.

Virgin Australia - Velocity Rewards

13 May 2015

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Don't waste your time on this. Offer is attractive and great marketing by Qatar airways but you can't even submit your application. Tried at 7.01am to submit cake back with error message and then at 7.05am daily look it allocation has been exhausted.

13 May 2020

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Hello everyone.its so hard to get that code.what time should be in Sydney pls ;I think that we already give so much in the community,that it shouldn't be so hard to get anything,even tickets and for some of us is to visit family overseas.thank u

09 Aug 2015

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As the article says, 7am Sydney.

09 Aug 2015

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This offer by Qatar is a good and grand gesture that has been very poorly implemented. Asking people to come back every day to register is insane because as this is a worldwide offer the website is being jammed 24x7, around the clock. It would have made much more sense to ask everybody to register ONCE, and then everybody goes into a daily draw for the tickets assigned to each country. Qatar is getting great publicity of of this gesture but the reality has let them down, as well as letting down the front-line healthcare workers.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

25 Jun 2017

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The article says 7.01am east coast time, i.e. Sydney. Pedantic but correct.

15 May 2020

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I have no passport so a made up number and expiry works- it's already clocked up full as soon as the tickets go online. It would be my first overseas trip and I've just clocked 33 years in healthcare. Not lashing out with 3 hunge on a passport unless it's necessary- ie I get a code. Bit like Click Frenzy! But very generous from Qatar nonetheless.

08 Jun 2020

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BOGUS CONTEST from QATAR AIRWAYS... garbage??? We also got the code but TOTALLY WASTE of time when you try to book a flight… They want to charge me $4500 for the FREE flight… Wasted 20 hours on this and phone people tell you to do yourself online… It's a SCAM to get 10 Million clicks on their website! Can someone help? TIPS? SECRETS??

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