• Hi. How did you send/ submit your last 2 months velocity statement? Any suggestions would be appreciated.

  • Don't waste your time on this. Offer is attractive and great marketing by Qatar airways but you can't even submit your application. Tried at 7.01am to submit cake back with error message and then at 7.05am daily look it allocation has been exhausted.

  • Not a computer glitch but miscommunication. Virgin sent through an updated email as below. “ Some of you have been asking us questions about how your Status extension will work. Sorry we weren't clear in our email to you a few hours ago. Your current Status will be extended for a further year1. S...

  • Agree. I have received my email and my review is date is same too. I can't see benefit of 12 months extension granted as announced previously.

  • Yes, got the response in writing. I am travelling from Abu Dhabi airport next week and would be able to confirm whether they let VA platinum members access new first class lounge.

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