Qatar’s “revolutionary” new Qsuite 2 business class

The upgraded business class suites will replace first class on Qatar's flagship international fleet.

By David Flynn, August 28 2023
Qatar’s “revolutionary” new Qsuite 2 business class

Qatar Airways’ Qsuite is widely regarded as the benchmark for international business class, but a new wave of seat designs and jet deliveries are set to challenge the Qsuite for its dominance of the skies.

Lufthansa is offering greater degrees of passenger convenience with its Allegris business class, while Japan Airlines is set to reveal what it promises will be an “unprecedented” product for the factory-fresh JAL A350-1000s.

Also on the runway: Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 777 Aria business class will take wing in Q2 2024, while speculation swirls over a new business class for Singapore Airlines’ ultra-long range Airbus A350s.

In response, Qatar Airways is now developing a second-generation of the Qsuite, dubbed Qsuite Phase 2 or simply Qsuite 2, which Qatar Airways CEO Akbar Al Baker promises will create “a revolution of how people travel in business class.”

“The product design is being produced now, but the airline will not reveal it until the widebody planes equipped with it arrive,” Al Baker tells Forbes.

And this new Qsuite business class is shaping up to be so good that Qatar Airways has axed plans for first class suites at the pointy end of the plane.

Qatar Airways’ Qsuite Phase 2 business class

The evolution of this Qsuite Phase 2 began some years ago, when Qatar Airways had its eye on new deliveries of the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.

“We were developing a Qsuite for the 787 but unfortunately the manufacturer defaulted in supplying us the seat,” Al Baker previously told Executive Traveller.

This led to the Dreamliners making their debut with a very different seat: one supplied by Adient Aerospace, a joint venture between auto seat maker Adient and Boeing, which will soon also be seen on Hawaiian Airlines’ own Boeing 787-9s.

Qatar Airways' Boeing 787-9 business class suite.
Qatar Airways' Boeing 787-9 business class suite.

“We had to move very quickly, and with Adient being a subsidiary of Boeing, we managed for them to supply us something that they could very quickly give it to us, nearly off the shelf seat with only minor modifications.”

While those Boeing 787 business class seats also sport a door, the evolution of the true Qsuite continues behind closed (business class) doors.

Qatar Airways' Boeing 787-9 business class suites.
Qatar Airways' Boeing 787-9 business class suites.

Al Baker has described this to a Executive Traveller as “a huge enhancement of the current Qsuite, because people now are all booking on QR because of the Qsuite, it's a brand that is now really known to everybody.”

Al Baker said the drive to continue refining the product and raising the bar has to be done “because we are in a very competitive industry.”

How do you make the Qsuite even better? We'll have to wait and see...
How do you make the Qsuite even better? We'll have to wait and see...

Given that the Boeing 777X series – which begins with the 777-9, a success or the best-selling 777-300 family – isn’t due to arrive until at least 2024, it’s not yet known if this Qsuite 2 might first appear on the next tranche of Airbus A350 deliveries, which includes 23 additional A350-1000s.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

05 Oct 2016

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I only just flew on the Qsuite last week for the first time, and I'm not sure I understand the hype! I'd just as soon as fly on their A380 seats - which feel spacious. To me there was much less practical storage solutions especially for small things (shelf is too open to items sliding off). And I am not a fan of sitting backwards, it feels all wrong and confusing, particularly at take off and landing. The privacy door would not stay closed - kept on sliding open of it's own free will!! And I found the bed to be uncomfortable - felt like I was sleeping on a bump in the middle at my lower back - not just a lumbar support but a hard section of seat... Other than that, still love QR service over anything else, especially EK...

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Sep 2012

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Yeah interesting thoughts..I only just flew them for the first time a few months ago as well and was REALLY looking forward to it based on the glowing reviews. First thoughts was despite the spaciousness it felt very claustrophobic!! Like they jammed too much 'hardware' into the aircraft and there were these cubicles everywhere. Now I'm a huge fan of privacy and have yet to fly the SQ A380 First with the huge suites which look truly remarkable, but I was slightly disappointed when I first got on the flight. I did however really like how high the walls were and that the door/walls combo really did make you feel like you had real privacy!

Now..that being said the suite grew on me throughout the long flight and the service was unbelievably attentive so I'm definitely on the band wagon of QSuite fans now (so much so that I changed my return flight from another airline, to fly back on Qsuites!) I'd be curious what they'd do with a 'v2' but hopefully they'll take on board travellers inputs!

26 Sep 2020

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I haven't flown on the Qsuite yet but after two long trips in ANA The Room, I would take some convincing that the Qsuite is a better product. Whilst Qatar may have a better soft product, it is hard to beat the size and comfort of the bed on the ANA product.

16 Jul 2021

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I'm a great fan of the Qsuites, having booked flights to and from Europe this year on a/c wherever they were available. They did not disappoint and, as I was travelling alone, I booked a forward-facing seat by the window. Not that a rear-facing seat should trouble anyone - that is the safest way to travel, and military a/c have rear-facing seats to protect personnel. The privacy door was wonderful and the cabin service and food excellent. Unfortunately Qsuites are not available on all a/c, so the flight Doha to Australia had the regular business class seat opening onto the passageway, as before. But, after the privacy of Qsuites, I really noticed the difference, for example - the continual flickering of the TV screen across the passageway while I was watching a different movie. I sincerely hope that Qatar will soon introduce Qsuites on all their a/c arriving in Australia, as I'm a convert!

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

10 Dec 2014

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I flew in Qsuites for the first time in June and was blown away. I’ve flown Business Class on several airlines and these are next level - better than many First Class offerings. Add to that the attentive service and on-demand food, and I’ll be a Qatar Airways fan from now on.

It's honestly hard to see how the Qsuite could be made significantly better apart from expected niceties like a larger video screen if they can fit one into the space, Bluetooth audio streaming, wireless device charging. Anything else would have to be 'tweaks' to increase usable space, storage areas etc but on the whole there just doesn't seem to be much more you can do in the same physical space as today's Qsuite.

The Qsuite is truly remarkable. I'm quite averse to small spaces, and so contrary to some comments, it doesn't feel claustrophobic at all. Because it is a well-appointed space, it does what it's supposed to do. I must admit that the Qsuite varies on this space depending on the type of aircraft. The 777 has a bigger product, while the A350 doesn't.

Their service matches with the product, or perhaps exceeds it.

Call me biased, but I ALWAYS fly QR, and always will. Nothing beats them.

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