Photos: Star Alliance's new LAX super-lounge

By David Flynn, July 1 2013
Photos: Star Alliance's new LAX super-lounge

Star Alliance's new lounge at Los Angeles' Tom Bradley International Terminal (TBIT) is looking very much the Star super-lounge that it's intended to be.

Ahead of an opening "later this year" we've got the first set of images for the lounge, which will be managed by Air New Zealand but open to all Star Alliance airlines operating out of LAX.

These computer-generated renders (click each shot for a larger view) tease what Star Alliance describes as a decor "inspired by a contemporary interpretation of modernist LA architecture of the 1950s and 1960s."

That's in keeping with Star's intent to have each lounge reflect its unique location.

Other LA touches include "black and white photos, inspired by L.A. and shot by renowned photographers", while "a collection of objects linked to L.A. and Southern California will also be on display, sparking the curiosity of locals and guests alike."

Designed by global architectural firm Gensler, the Star Alliance lounge incorporates defined spaces to suit passenger needs ranging from social gatherings around the bar to quiet time in the library.

But the stand-out feature has got to the open air terrace with views to the Hollywood hills, complete with both a cosy fireplace and a water feature.

The lounge will have two distinct areas, one for the exclusive use of customers travelling in First Class and a larger section for Business Class and Star Alliance Gold passengers.

You can see what appears to the the first class receptions area – sporting another California touch, the iconic Eames chair – to the right of main entry door below.

The lounge itself sprawls along Level 6 of TBIT and is three times the size of Air New Zealand's existing LAX T2 Koru Lounge.

So when can travellers look forward to using Star's LAX super-lounge?

"Construction of the new lounge is expected to be completed in July 2013" Star says, although they won't be cutting the red ribbon right away.

"Customers will be able to make use of the facility later in the year, once the terminal extension has been completed and the existing Star Alliance Lounge (opened in 2007) has been closed."

A Star Alliance spokesman last month told Australian Business Traveller that mid/late August was on the cards, although we wouldn't be surprised if this was nudged back a little... but we are sure it will be worth the wait.

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Isn't NZ moving to the TBIT in early 2014? So the lounge will be opening 4-5 months ahead of this move?

Does that mean NZ will be operating two lounges (T2 & TBIT) in this interim period?

Air New Zealand - Airpoints

26 Oct 2014

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As far as I'm aware flights from LHR to LAX go into into TBIT, you'll have go through Immigration. If you are continuing through to AKL you'll can "a nice leisurely stroll" to T2 where you'll have to check-in again. However, when you check-in your luggage at LHR you won't see it again until you arrive AKL. 

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

02 Jul 2011

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Are you sure the curved space is outside, I would have thought that is the top level inside the raised roof of the new Central Core.

To have a view back to Hollywood Hills am thinking it is the part in the top of the photo.

24 Oct 2010

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Hi moa999 - ah, I think you're right there! We're working off the illustrations and information provided by LAX, including how theymarked the curved space as a 'terrace', but I'm not hugely familiar with LAX (a fact for which I am quite honestly grateful!).

So do you use the first class lounge if you are flying Air NZ's business class, since they don't have a first class product?

20 Feb 2012

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any news on the Oneworld lounge??

all I have heardis that it is going to be the largest

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