• Same. Z4 all the way!!?? So you can use Z4 in all seasons the optional metal roof is a must.

  • I can't understand why Air NZ are to pull flights from LHR - LAX. Also, the excellent STAR Alliance Lounge is run by Air NZ at LAX. Luckily the new AMEX Centurion Lounge is supposed to be open this year.

  • For the info of CityrailSQ no longer holds a 49% in VS. DL bought the 49% under Agreement with VS. DL has since been sold 24% to KLM/AF (under EU rules no US Airline can own more than 25%).VX obviously no longer exists after Alaska Airlines purchased VX.Now Virgin Group only holds 15% in VS.

  • Not the best but certainly not the worst. More than I was expecting. I don't know why everyone keeps going on about doors!!To deplane in Emergency takes longer with doors.BA's new First will have 4 or 8 suites (depending on route) with full height doors.Retro fitting other 773 will be on profitab...

  • Sorry last comment. Meant to say BA is considering 1 B787-9 with J & W only fromLHR - LAX.

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  • It's Zopiclone 7.5mg for me. I do take a large dose (22.5mg) cause of other problems.Anything over counter doesn't work on me, just gives me think head all of next day.If you prefer soluble Oramorph 20ml should knock you out.Oramorph is Morphine based so you can only get on prescription.

  • In theory the Pay Wave (or contactless cards) should work as US cards have the micro-chip, which either stores transactions for less than $30 (and those transactions will be sent in bulk by occasionally asking you to do a Chip n PIN transaction).Some retailers systems may request Chip n PIN for e...

  • Originally Posted by aklrunway Originally Posted by Mitchd31 LAX has serious terminal upgrades which will take a number of years to finish and with that construction of skyrail tunnels has caused all airlines to be delayed.I think it is unfair to say its a VA issue as they are the no.1 product ...

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