Qatar is bringing its new Qsuites business class to Sydney, Canberra

By David Flynn, December 28 2017
Qatar is bringing its new Qsuites business class to Sydney, Canberra

EXCLUSIVE | Qatar Airways will launch its new Canberra-Sydney-Doha flights in mid-February with the airline's flagship Qsuites business class, which boasts first class-style sliding doors for privacy doors and even a double bed.

But don't get too excited – for now it's just a one-time treat for the inaugural flight, which leaves Doha on 11 February 2018 and makes its return journey from Canberra on 12 February.

A spokesperson for Qatar Airways confirmed to Australian Business Traveller that subsequent flights will be on an older Boeing 777-300ER jet fitted out with a similarly older business class, as shown below.

Although a lie-flat bed, the 2-2-2 layout and decade-old design puts this one step behind the business class of the Sydney-Doha Airbus A380...

... and two strides behind the new Qsuite.

So while this is a canny PR move by Qatar Airways to maximise publicity for the new Canberra route, don't be taken in by the mainstream media coverage: for now, book the Canberra-Doha flight on any day after 12 February and you'll be feeling a little let down.

Of course, if you're itching to try the superb Qsuites – which we currently rate as the world's best business class – then jump right in and book yourself a seat on the QR907 flight from Canberra at 1.45pm on 12 February, or the same flight's Sydney-Doha leg departing Sydney at 3.55pm later that day.

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06 Nov 2012

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It might be an old, unfashionable design, but the 2-2-2 arrangement on Qatar's 777s is extremely spacious and ultra-comfortable, especially for couples. True, you may need to step over your partner to access the aisle from the window seat, but legroom is so great (78" pitch) that is hardly an issue. The only downside of the old business class is the avod controller which is several generations old and extremely slow to operate. The big screen is actually a touch screen, but it does require you to get up and walk over to touch it, the seat pitch is so great. ;)

By contrast the setup found in QR's 787 and A380 feels a lot tighter. There are more shelves & cubbbies and it's probably a better environment for those who have to work. But as all my travelling these days is for pleasure (with my Beloved in tow) I really do like the old 777 arrangement.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

05 Oct 2016

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QR has my well and truly sold on them! Including the 777 2-2-2...

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

08 Nov 2011

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I just flew in the Q suites between Doha and Paris. I can’t say I like the seat. Give me the old forward facing 2-2-2 seat anyday.

I found space around the knee when reclined or sleeping tight and kept bumping into the table which juts outs. It was impossible to be knees up. My friend travelling with me also had the same issue.

The QR reverse herringbone seat is also very exposed and is less private than say the CX version.


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

17 Mar 2017

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I agree with the above comments on the 2-2-2 set up. I flew from JFK to Doha recently and was 'grumpy' my schedule forced me to take the B777 flight with this set up. I was pleasantly surprised however, how comfortable it was. I was in the middle and so I had direct access to the aisle. The usual good Qatar service ensued and I even managed to sleep for most of the way. So although it's an old product, it still delivers, IMHO.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

05 Oct 2016

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Totally agree. Love the QR service and certainly didn't mind the space on the 777 2-2-2, feels more spacious than even the 380.



31 Mar 2014

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I also agree with the comments made. The 2-2-2 cabin arrangement in the 'old' 777 is, in my view, much better than the A380 and 787 1-2-1 layouts. They give a more spacious feel and have much more foot room for sleeping. The 1-2-1 layouts are very cramped in this regard.

Whilst the old 777 is Ideal for travelling with a partner/spouse, if travelling alone go for the centre aisle to avoid having to climb over your neighbour or your neighbour climbing over you.

The ability to sleep without your feet being cramped can make a huge difference on the 14/15 hour flight.

Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

28 Feb 2017

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I also agree. As part of my love for travel I love regularly looking out the window to view the landscape. As the Darling and I travel for leisure, sitting together next to the window is part of our experience. Flew first on A380 Sydney to Doha return may june last year on the 1-2-1 configuration sitting in the middle. Luckily we were the only ones allowing any access the window. Service extremely attentive without smothering and wine list fantastic. Two years before flew qantas 747 Narita to Sydney business in the 2-2-2 arrangement by the window and thoroughly enjoyed our flight. The only difference to these pointy end neophytes was the wine list. We still have more to observe.

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