• Given that it takes at least two days to find out the results of the test and given that it would be expected that people who were going to Hawaii, all flyers would have to trust that their fellow flyers have been strict about their hygiene and physical distancing regime. Let alone the less than ...

  • The article stated that Bain will honour all travel credits held by passengers on cancelled flights. Are the credits time limited? At the beginning of the coronavirus, virgin was saying that they would honour the credit 1 year from the booking. I booked on January 16 this year which would only c...

  • I was thinking of going CX but the underlying issue seems to be how safe is it for those of us even transiting through HKG. If you are using points I would be thinking that there are therefore less reward seats available.

  • I I am booked to London via transfer through Hong Kong business class in late June. Would it be safe staying in the International airport in the business lounge for eight hours?

  • That seat seat configuration makes so much common sense with those variations, I don't know why other airlines haven't taken it up.

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  • My wife and I transited in late may last year. Travelling in first allowed free tour to some cultural places as well as the spectacular building designs. Yes it was hot but we felt it was worth it ..... once.

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