• Hi, wondering if anyone has had experience with changing flights that were booked during the promo period.I have a freedom fare that I'd like to move to a few days later.Will I lose the double status credits?

  • Preferable for who? It’s pretty obvious that due to the rectangular design of the suites, CA have positioned them in the widest part of the aircraft to make the best use of the space. Simple mathematics.

  • Do we have any idea how these compare to Qantas PE?

  • Are you guys struggling for content?Some of your recent articles are taking this site in a pretty ordinary direction.Some particularly bad ones (apart from this one) are: Six expert tips to diversify your frequent flyer points portfolio The world's five weirdest tricks to earn frequent flyer ...

  •    Keviv is correct. The schedule changed on July 1 The midnight flight is now a 77W at least until the end of the current schedule. I'm booked on this flight next week. I almost prefer the 77W to be honest.

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