Virgin Australia confirms inflight entertainment upgrade for new A330s

By danwarne, September 7 2011

UPDATE | Virgin Australia will launch its new in-flight entertainment system in mid-2012, using wireless networking to beam movies and music to each passenger’s smartphone, tablet or laptop – with Internet access to follow. Read our report for full details.

PREVIOUS | Virgin Australia will install the excellent "Red" inflight entertainment system on its two new Airbus A330 aircraft to be delivered in April 2012.

The A330s are used to shuttle customers between East Coast cities and Perth.

The planes will have the same Panasonic Avionics on-demand entertainment system that is fitted on V Australia's Boeing 777-300ER international fleet.

Red is also the inflight entertainment system used on Virgin America, which Australian Business Traveller reviewed in-depth last year.

Until then, Virgin Australia business class passengers on the two ex-Emirates A330s will have to put up with the looping entertainment, but the airline says it will carry a number of portable players on each flight in case the entertainment system fails in individual seats.

... but only portable players for 737 passengers

Passengers on the newer but more compact Boeing 737-800NG aircraft still won't have in-seat inflight entertainment, but Virgin this morning announced it would be providing portable "digiplayers" for business class customers.

Australian Business Traveller reader feedback wasn't universally positive about the use of digiplayers for business class customers flying on 737s.

Chris Neugebauer wrote, "Really?! Those devices are ancient crap from before Live2Air. I wouldn't call that a perk."

Another reader, Nigel S, tweeted: "we are talking J [business class] perks here ,what do Virgin Australia Y [economy] passengers get as inflight entertainment -- crayons and colouring books?"

However it wasn't all criticism for Virgin. Qantas Frequent Flyer Calculator developer Adam Ware pointed out that Qantas still uses "25 year-old, washed-out purple projector displays" on some of its Boeing 767 business class cabins.

The long term plan: inflight Wi-Fi

While the portable players for the Boeing 737s are clearly an interim solution, Virgin Australia last week confirmed it was looking at using inflight Wi-Fi for providing both internet access and streaming videos to passengers.

It hasn't commented yet on whether passengers would bring their own iPads, tablets or laptops to watch streamed videos under this kind of system, or whether it would supply some type of tablet to passengers.

Jetstar is also planning to introduce iPads as an inflight entertainment option soon, and Finnair recently said it was planning to cut the cost of installing expensive and rapidly outdated fixed entertainment systems in favour of iPads.





09 May 2011

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Good to hear that Red's going on the A330s.  It'd be great if they offered the same food/drink ordering system that Virgin America uses -- in my experience at least, it made the whole buy-on-board process a lot quicker than the traditional "trolley" approach.



15 Apr 2011

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Adam Ware is an idiot then... Not only is the oldest QF 767 21 years old, they all had LCD screens installed in the past few years with the seat refreshes that occurred.

Anyway - good news that progress it being made!! Any chance that they will install new seats while they're at it?? I suppose this also paves the way for a light version of RED to make it into the 737s down the road :)



QF Silver

07 Sep 2011

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Travelled QF J class on a 767 approx 6 weeks ago SYD-MEL... Lo and behold, shitty purple hue projector...



Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer Plat

21 Apr 2011

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why no love for the RED system on the 737's? the a319 and a320 that V America use are the same size and one would assume that most of the live to air functionality and backend hardware could be used for Red. Also is it safe to assume that Y pax will also get the system for free on the 330?




24 Oct 2010

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Yes, that is safe to assume. The A330 has economy class IFE that's not LiveTV so there'd be no way to pay etc. 

Why no Red system for the 737s? Because I'd say almost certainly Virgin is looking at a Wi-Fi + iPad system for passengers. Many airlines are ... it's infinitely cheaper than fixed inflight entertainment systems, muuuuuch easier and cheaper to service (you can just swap the iPad out on the plane) and has the cool-factor associated with handing each passenger an Apple iPad.

Red is good, but no fixed IFE is as responsive, or has as good a screen as an iPad ... 

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