Your guide to Star Alliance business class lounges at Bangkok Airport

By Chris C., July 4 2018
Your guide to Star Alliance business class lounges at Bangkok Airport

Flying internationally from Bangkok with Thai Airways, or on another Star Alliance airline like Lufthansa, Singapore Airlines or Turkish Airlines? You’re spoiled for lounges at Bangkok Airport, with up to nine to choose from depending on your itinerary and Star Alliance status.

Better yet, you don’t have to use the lounge of the airline you’re travelling with – so if you’re jetting home from Bangkok with Thai Airways, you may be able to visit the EVA Air or Singapore Airlines lounges instead.

The same policy applies if you’re booked with other Star Alliance airlines, too, even if the check-in staff ‘suggest’ you use a certain lounge where the airline doesn’t have its own.

For example, Air China, Air India, Asiana, Ethiopian Airlines and United routinely direct passengers to the independent Miracle Lounges, but under Star Alliance policy, most travellers could choose to visit the EVA Air, Singapore Airlines and Thai Airways lounges in place of these.

It goes without saying that if you’re heading to a lounge far away from your departure gate, leave plenty of time to reach it and note that boarding calls for your flight may not be made – but wherever you’re travelling to, here are your nine Star Alliance options at Bangkok Airport.

Thai Airways’ Royal First Lounge

Where it is: Level 3 on Concourse D. If beginning your journey in Bangkok, clear security and passport control via Thai Airways’ Royal First channel near check-in, take the escalator down, and walk through the main Royal Silk Lounge to find the Royal First entry door. If in transit, just head to Concourse D and enter from the outside.

When it’s open: 5am daily until 1am the next morning (closed 1am-5am).

Who gets in:

  • Thai Airways’ Royal First Class passengers, whether flying onwards in Royal First, or arriving off a flight in Royal First and continuing onto another Thai Airways international flight in business class or economy – such as passengers flying London to Bangkok in first class and Bangkok to Melbourne in business class.
  • Passengers with an onward first class flight with all other Star Alliance airlines (but no access if arriving on a Star Alliance first class ticket with any airline other than Thai, unless the onward flight from Bangkok is also booked in first class).
  • Thai Airways Royal Orchid Plus Platinum cardholders departing on an international Thai Airways flight.

What’s so special: Forget buffet dining – here, there’s a 22-seat dining room with an a la carte menu and table service, or if you’d rather just enjoy a little privacy, the lounge also features six ‘private corners’ and two separate VIP rooms.

Thai Airways’ Royal Orchid Spa

Where it is: Level 3, Concourse D, near Gate D1 and the entrance to the Royal First and Royal Silk lounges.

When it’s open: 6am until 11:30pm daily.

Who gets in:

  • Royal First Class passengers departing on a same-day Thai Airways flight
  • Royal Silk Class (business class) flyers departing on a same-day Thai Airways flight
  • No access for any other Star Alliance passengers

What’s so special: Separate from the airport’s ‘normal’ lounge, Thai treats its own high flyers to a complimentary 30-minute foot massage or neck and shoulder massage when flying business class, or a 60-minute full-body massage when flying first class.

You can’t book a treatment in advance, however: it’s first come, first served, so it’s best to arrive early to snag a treatment time, even if you have to return later.

There’s a small lounge room here with a few snacks and herbal drinks available…

… but you’ll find better amenities back in the regular lounges after enjoying your treatment.

Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Lounges

Where they are:

  • Concourse D, Level 3 – the main Royal Silk Lounge, down the escalator straight after Royal Silk passport control, near the Royal First Lounge and Royal Orchid Spa, with seating for 314.
  • Concourse C East, Level 3 – follow the signs to Gates C1-C10, and you’ll find the lounge on your left, with space for 145 passengers.
  • Concourse C West, Level 3 – directly opposite the Concourse C East lounge, so if one lounge is a little busy, head on over into the other one. This one’s a little smaller though, with 114 seats.
  • Concourse E East, Level 3 – follow the signage to Gates E1-10, and around half way down the concourse, you’ll find the lounge on the left-hand side, with seating for 168 guests.

When they’re open: All four lounges open at 5am daily and shut at 2am the next morning (closed 2am-5am).

Who gets in:

  • Business class and first class passengers of Thai Airways and all other Star Alliance airlines.
  • Star Alliance Gold frequent flyers, including Thai Airways’ Royal Orchid Plus Gold and Platinum members, flying onward with a Star Alliance airline.
  • Paid lounge members of Air Canada Maple Leaf Club (Worldwide plan only) and United Club, also before Star Alliance flights.
  • Thai Airways’ Royal Orchid Plus Silver and Basic members spending 6,500 ROP miles for one-off entry (excluding the Concourse D lounge).
  • By special arrangement, business class passengers and Oneworld Emerald and Sapphire frequent flyers (including Qantas Platinum and Gold) flying with Royal Jordanian to Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur and Amman.

What’s so special: For the most part, all four lounges are quite similar, so many travellers head to the lounge closest to their onward departure gate, given that it takes a good 20 minutes to walk from one side of the airport to the other.

However, the Concourse D lounge is the only one with a kid’s corner and a tended bar (in separate parts of the lounge, naturally)…

… while the lounge at Concourse C West is the only one of these four lounges with slumber rooms for napping on longer transits:

AusBT review: Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Lounge, Bangkok Concourse D

Thai Airways’ Royal Orchid Lounge

Where it is: Level 3 at Concourse E West, opposite the Royal Silk Lounge at Concourse E East, which you’ll find after following the signs to Gates E1-10.

When it’s open: 5am until 2am daily (closed 2am-5am).

Who gets in: This space is divided into two areas – a small, 20-seat first class lounge, and a larger 91-seat business class lounge.

Access to the main business class lounge is the same as for Thai’s Royal Silk Lounges in Concourses C and E (ROP members can use miles for entry here), while access to the first class zone mirrors Thai’s Royal First Lounge, being for ROP Platinum members and first class flyers only.

What’s so special: This tends to be the most ‘forgotten’ Thai Airways lounge in Bangkok, so unless a flight is departing from one of the closest nearby gates, the lounge tends to be much quieter than the airline’s other lounges – particularly before Thai’s late evening flights to Australia.

That alone could be enough of a drawcard for passengers wanting to work or relax, and as with Thai’s Royal Silk lounges, this lounge also features shower facilities…

… and with seven ‘slumber rooms’, too – otherwise found only at the Concourse C West Royal Silk Lounge on the other side of the airport.

AusBT review: Thai Airways’ Royal Orchid Lounge, Bangkok Airport

EVA Air business class lounge

Where it is: Concourse F, near gate F1 on level 3.

When it’s open: On Saturdays, from 6am until 2:30am the next morning, and on all other days, from 6am until 2am the following day.

Who gets in:

  • Business class and first class passengers of EVA Air and all other Star Alliance airlines.
  • Star Alliance Gold frequent flyers, including EVA Air Infinity MileageLands Gold and Diamond members and eligible members of other programs, prior to Star Alliance flights.
  • Paid lounge members of Air Canada Maple Leaf Club (Worldwide plan only) and United Club, also before Star Alliance flights.
  • EVA Air Infinity MileageLands Silver members prior to EVA Air flights only.
  • Holders of selected EVA Air-branded American Express and Cathay United Bank credit cards when flying with EVA Air (not an option for Australian credit card holders).

What’s so special: With a funky, modern design, the EVA Air Lounge is a great alternative to the Thai Airways business class lounges, which all basically look the same…

… with coloured mood lighting throughout the space for something different…

… and well-maintained private shower suites to freshen up before your onward flight (book via reception to get a key):

AusBT review: EVA Air Lounge, Bangkok Airport

Singapore Airlines SilverKris business class lounge

Where it is: Concourse D, near gate D7 on level 3.

When it’s open: 6:30am until 11pm daily.

Who gets in:

  • Business class and first class passengers of Singapore Airlines and all other Star Alliance airlines.
  • Star Alliance Gold frequent flyers, including KrisFlyer Gold, PPS Club and Solitaire PPS Club cardholders, plus eligible members of other programs, prior to Star Alliance flights.
  • Paid lounge members of Air Canada Maple Leaf Club (Worldwide plan only) and United Club, also before Star Alliance flights.
  • Under Singapore Airlines’ direct partnership with Virgin Australia, Velocity Gold and Platinum members can also access this lounge prior to Singapore Airlines flights only (no access when flying with any other airline).

What’s so special: Recently refurbished in 2017, this SilverKris lounge adopts Singapore Airlines’ newest ‘home away from home’ design philosophy, with lots of comfy seating replicating a regular loungeroom…

… while also working in a staffed cocktail bar, where you can order barista-made coffee, too:

There’s easy access to AC and USB power throughout the space, and many of the seats can be used for working, dining and relaxing – so you don’t have to go to a specific place for each task.

The WiFi here is also the fastest we’ve measured at any Star Alliance lounge in Bangkok, with download speeds of up to 150Mbps, although note that showers aren’t available here.

AusBT review: Singapore Airlines SilverKris Lounge, Bangkok Airport

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Chris C.

Chris is a a former contributor to Executive Traveller.

17 May 2012

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The Lounge you decide to use in Bangkok is usually determined by the departure gate for your flight. If my flight is leaving from C7..there is no way I will go to the Eve Air or SIN lounge down near E concourse and vice versa...but it's great to have a choice of a number of lounges just the same if your flight departs from D or E...

03 Jan 2024

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I agree completely, especially with shorter layovers.  However, the EVA lounge is well worth a visit if you have a longer layover. My family and I have enjoyed their food options, and having a longer walk to the gate allows for stretching the legs before a long flight. 

Thai Airways International - Royal Orchid Plus

13 Jan 2017

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Chris, the note you put in the article to consider gate location is spot on if time is tight. Suvanabhumi walking distances airside can be a significant trek for the uninitiated.
Having said that its a great heads-up to try other lounges if you've checked in early, have the time, and don't mind a bit of exercise!

11 Dec 2016

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If I'm flying SQ All Sectors on an O code booking (1st class redemption) but BKK-SIN is in business as that's the highest available, can I get access to Thai airways 1st lounge?


Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

23 Jun 2012

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The new Turkish Airlines lounge is worth a visit. It’s near D8 and is well staffed and has good facilities.

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