• A safe that doesn't require skill in acrobatics or be Really tall to access.Multinational power points with plenty of spacing Being able to control All lights from bedsideInternational Tv channels available for my viewing pleasure. International cuisine available from room service

  • It'd be great if VA got one of the slots and kept the route once the Olympics is done.Using VA pts to fly to Tokyo sounds fantastic

  • Be interesting to see the T&Cs. If by lounge access they mean 1-4 single use passes then Meh, but if you got to use J lounges even on a Y flight, that might actually be worth it, especially if bought points & bonus point offers count toward the total

  • If I'm flying SQ All Sectors on an O code booking (1st class redemption) but BKK-SIN is in business as that's the highest available, can I get access to Thai airways 1st lounge?

  • VA's routes to HKG wasn't due to it, being a profitable route, more as a way to reduce the stranglehold QF & CX have

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