• It'd be great if VA got one of the slots and kept the route once the Olympics is done.Using VA pts to fly to Tokyo sounds fantastic

  • Be interesting to see the T&Cs. If by lounge access they mean 1-4 single use passes then Meh, but if you got to use J lounges even on a Y flight, that might actually be worth it, especially if bought points & bonus point offers count toward the total

  • If I'm flying SQ All Sectors on an O code booking (1st class redemption) but BKK-SIN is in business as that's the highest available, can I get access to Thai airways 1st lounge?

  • VA's routes to HKG wasn't due to it, being a profitable route, more as a way to reduce the stranglehold QF & CX have

  • @Damien, I'd say it's catered on Lounge Using passengers, as even Nothing Reds can gain Lounge Access by paying $65.Being able to conveniently grab a pastry, toastie & a coffee adds a premium feel to the airline, but for me Seatback IFE & Charge ports are needed to be a Full Service airli...

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