Brazil axes business, tourism visa requirements for Australians

By Chris C., March 20 2019
Brazil axes business, tourism visa requirements for Australians

Australian passport holders travelling to Brazil for business or leisure will no longer need a pre-arranged visa from June 17 2019, when the South American country expands its visa-waiver scheme.

Currently, Brazil offers visa-free entry to many other nationals – including citizens of EU countries – although Australians have long needed a visa: either a passport sticker issued by a Brazilian Embassy or Consulate, or an eVisa arranged online, before travelling to Brazil.

Those requirements will continue up to and including June 16 2019, so if you plan to visit Brazil on or before that date, you’ll still need a visa: but come June 17, no visa is needed, and presenting your passport (and a completed arrivals card) is all that’s needed to enter Brazil.

“The government of Brazil seeks to promote greater exchanges between the Brazilian and the Australian societies,” said a representative of the Embassy of Brazil in Canberra.

In expanding the visa-waiver program to Australian travellers, “the expectation is that more Australians will come and visit Brazil… Australia’s largest economic partner in Latin America.”

As part of the changes, Brazil is also removing the visa requirement for citizens of Canada, Japan and the United States, who’ll be able to visit Brazil under the visa-waiver program from the same date.

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Chris C.

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Qantas - Qantas Frequent Flyer

11 Oct 2014

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Hooray! A highly welcome and intelligent move by the Brazilian government. Previous experience with obtaining a Brazilian visa for tourist travel back 15 years ago meant obtaining a visa took upwards of 3 weeks (Sydney) or alternatively, turning up at the Brazilian Consulate in Buenos Aires, Argentina and having one granted the same day. Go figure. Over the last few years, it has only taken 3-4 days in Sydney, but still an inconvenience.

This is another plus for QF and their 'Sunrise' project, should either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro land on the Qantas network map.

17 Sep 2015

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kimshep, can you realistically see South American airlines other than LATAM flying to Oz in the next few years? Which one(s)? There are far more students from South America studying in Oz than was the case two decades ago. That helps to cement links and drive OD traffic.

Etihad - Etihad Guest

14 Mar 2019

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Now that would be an interesting variation on the kangaroo route. Syd to Rio to London

Great, now I can see the Rio carnival next year, visa free. And it will be much easier now to hop between Argentina and Brazil at the Iguazu falls

01 Sep 2018

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This is an excellent decision which I understand was driven by Mr. Bolsonaro himself. A big win for business travellers and backpackers travelling in South America as it was very laborious to get a visa in the past.

17 Sep 2015

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Excellent article.

Will we see similar moves by some other South American nations? It's years since my multiple trips there, but obtaining visas then was a process that started many weeks prior to my trips. 'Reciprocity fees' are understandable but given the spending power of Australians (we stay for longer than many others, and in some cases the median spend per day by us is higher) some nations may want to cash in, and regard the risks of opening their borders to us as manageable.

22 Feb 2019

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Looking at the visa requirements for Australian citizens wiki - Suriname is the only country remaining in South America which still requires a Visa before travel now that Brazil has changed their policy.

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