Jetstar moving terminals in Singapore

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I'm not sure if this was widely publicised and I just missed this, but I just noticed that Jetstar is moving from Terminal 1 to Terminal 4 at Changi airport effective March 2023. This seems like an unfortunate move if you are connecting to or from a Qantas service between Australia and then have to change terminals (eg, Melbourne-Singapore (with Qantas) then Singapore-KL (with Jetstar), especially when some of the connection times can be quite tight. It's also not great if you want to access the Qantas lounges. I've generally found intra Asia Jetstar connection out of Changi quite handy, but this change will probably make me re-think some of my plans.


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Yeach JQ is not happy about it. I believe that as the majority of Jetstar flights in and out of SIN are narrow body (mostly Jetstar Asia - excluding the MEL/SIN route) Changi airport wants them to move to the new terminal which has gates more weighted to narrow body aircraft (so as Jetstar aircraft aren't taking up widebody gates at Terminal 1). Jetstar is unhappy about the move for the reasons you have outlined.



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Not sure Jetstar had much say in the matter. All of the low cost carriers have been moved to terminal four. Hopefully the bus is frequent.

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