Has Qantas domestic breakfast been "enhanced"?

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[QF] Has the domestic breakfast been "enhanced"?

I flew QF 504, the 0705 SYD-BNE flight, yesterday. The breakfast served was a prepacked box containing a large tub of yogurt (rhubarb compote for those who care) and a bag of apple slices. This was naturally served with tea and coffee.

This stands in marked contrast to the tray breakfast I received throughout October and November 2013 on similar domestic flights, where a tray was served, upon which were a bowl of muesli, a bottle of milk, a muffin and an orange juice. Apples were served whole and fresh; this all came with tea or coffee.

Is the return to the dark ages of cardboard boxes here to stay, or did I simply cop out?


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There quite a few threads in other places as well regarding the downgrading of meals both domestically & intenational over the last month.  My last OOl-SYD Y Class ex OOL 1740 was a diiner flight.  it was very hard to get a cup of Tea. The beef meal was ok My lasy J luch ex OOl the week before was quite good.

I will be interested to see other comments &  will probalby go to BNE now instead of OOL Thursday to check out dinner

:) Keith  Will post pix to twitter



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This was the same breakfast served on my SYD-MEL sector on 22 December 2013.


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Box meals have been a "trial" since mid-December.

Lengthy thread on the AFF forum including pics of a bunch of the meals



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Didn't they do something similar with their hot dinners last year around xmas-new year? I remember them removing hot dinners in favour of sandwiches (pretty much the lunch offering) between Mid December and Mid January.

I wonder how the "no tray" meal service is going on International flights. Anyone got any feedback?


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Cheers, guys! I'll keep my eyes peeled during my run in late February.

The International flights I've had this week still have trays - QF 51 in Economy had trays for both lunch and snack.


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As I'm ex PER I'm not noticing these changes.  Seems very cheap and nasty to me.

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