Etihad Guest frequent flyer status match

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Has anyone been successful in getting their Etihad FF status match from a promotion earlier this year? Or was that a hoax?


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Mine come through.  BA Gold (OW Emerald) for Etihad Gold.  Took a while though.


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There've been a couple of Q&As relating to this here on ABT...

Definitely not a hoax - mine was matched in early March to my QFF status.


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Appears random.. I have applied twice as QF Plat and never heard back each time...

For some reason those with Gold status QF or BA have seemingly had more success.


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I was matched Gold to Virgin Platinum, but still haven't received anything tangible from Etihad. My account online says gold, but have written to Etihad twice to enquire about card. Online message said it had been processed at the end of February. At the end of April I emailed them and asked if the card should take 8 weeks. They emailed back within about 6 days and advised I should have it within 2 to 3 weeks. 6 weeks later still nothing.

I am aprreciative of the match and just because I don't have the card doesn't necessarily mean I will not get status benefits. Etihad do however have a bit of a reputation for below par administrative customer service and I can see why.

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