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Hi Guys, Wondering if anyone has had a similar experience or can advice on my issue.

Bought 2 tix to tokyo for mid july, then ended up paying all the Jetstar extras xtra leg room seats, food, entertainment system etc - approx $440. Today i got an email saying eligible for $199 business class upgrade per person one way - but upon checking was told that if i take that there would be no refund on the extras that i had already paid for the economy seats.. hmmm!! does anyone thing i should escalate it ??


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I'm not sure - haven't experienced this - but your eligibility for the upgrade may be due to the fact that you had paid for all those extras. I'd pay it, forget about the other costs and enjoy the extra legroom!


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Sounds to me like Jetstar is pulling a fast one on Fasteddy! You're in for a penny and now Jetstar want their pound!

I'd suggest checking the type that Jetstar operate on the sector - Given the flight length it would be an A330. You'll probably find a review here on AusBT or elsewhere re their biz class product.

The key question is which sector you take up this option - personally, I'd opt for the red-eye service back to Aus...


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rob01 is right 

For those who have paid extra for better seats (exit row and bulk head) + meals + ife + baggage etc. they will send out the $199 upgrade to business

Its worth it if you want a lot of space to spead out and plenty of legroom


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Notwithstanding the extra leg room etc, is the quality of your fellow pax in a Jerstar Business cabin any different from those at the back?

Don't shoot down me guys - Just asking a question everyone is thinking about!


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Depends on which end of the network you're on, I guess. HNL is the posh end of town, the DPS flights seem to be the Cross.

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Escalate it? Because you were offered a business class discount upgrade? As mentioned by other members here your extras purchased probably was why you were offered that price, I'm sure someone not having paid extras would be charged more or not even given the offer. So many people jump straight to the fact they are getting shafted on airlines nowadays, nothing should be assumed especially when flying jetstar or any other LCC for that matter


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You. Have been given  preferential  treatment because you purchased all the extras on an economy  ticket ,feel privileged that you have been chosen to get a discounted  buisiness upgrade ,take it and enjoy your trip!!


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The xtras you have purchased are equivalent to a premium ticket - so it is most likely that the offer was first made to those who  had purchased the higher level ticket - much the same way upgrades ocur with other airlines. (of course there will always be some exceptions). I would take the offer, while JQ Business is not the same as Business on a full service airline - it is still worthwhile - especially for a flight of around 8 hours. The difference will be felt - economy seats in JQ no matter how much leg room are still economy seats. I find JQ Busiess service cheerful.


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Escalate it?  WTF....  You got offered a $199 business upgrade on a 9 hour flight.   But what you wanted them to do is to deduct $220 per passengers for all the extras - so for that upgrade Jetstar would need to REFUND YOU $21 for flying business class... You need to use a bit of commensense here....   #learntosaythankyou .

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escalate what?? you purchased a fare, with added options/'ve agreed to that fare/ can't then 'pick n choose' bits of that contract to be refunded, if you are offered another fare/contract afterwards... just weigh up the cost/benefit to yourself..if it doesnt suit you...dont take up the offer!! eezy peezy


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Whipper is on the money get over it, just get a few extra rum/coke,s and forget about it ..not worth the refund time an BS that goes with it.


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As much as I am loathe to agree with Robert, he is right on this one. Build a bridge and get over it, because:

  1. The additional stuff you bought is what entitles you to this upgrade,
  2. The legroom is worth it for nine hours,
  3. And last but not least get sloshed on the flight and you won't even remember the bright orange. It's okay, it's Jetstar - just don't overdo the booze or you'll have to answer to the AFP (as has become routine for DPS flights).

If you don't want to be nickel and dimed, fly a real airline. Bon voyage!

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