Qantas book - different classes.

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Qantas book - different classes.

morning everyone. I'm looking at flights to Johannesburg in a few months time. As I want the direct flight from Sydney, I have to fly with Qantas as I couldn't be bothered stopping in Perth if I fly Virgin/SAA. I'd ideally like to fly PE there and business back. any idea if it's possible to make a booking with Qantas across different classes? I've played around on the Qantas website and it only brings up the same class with no option to select the more expensive fare on the way back. I obviously don't want to book 2 one way tickets as it's more expensive. I will be paying for the fare using CC not points. Any help/guidance would be appreciated. My last resort is to call Qantas - but this would be my last resort. thanks and have a good weekend.


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QF business fares cannot be combined with PE fares. So even if you call QF or a TA they won't be able to help. You could in theory book a return PE. Then once having flown the outbound and you're in JNB call QF and have them reassess the fare and pay the difference but that's not guaranteed to work. You'll have to worry about availability in the lower fare buckets, and whether QF's systems will price the difference accuratly. 


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While it is true that QF business fares cannot be combined with PE fares, you could book a one-way PE and return OW in business (although this is likely to be more expensive that a return business fare).  The cheapest return QF business fare (IXZA) is $5198.44, while OW SYD-JNB in PE is $2867.62 and OW JNB-SYD in business is $4058.02. Ie the return business fare is $1727.20 cheaper than the PE/Business combination.  I suggest you go to your trusted travel agency - they will be able to give you the right advice - not all that is on the internet is golden!  I hope this helps.


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Trying out random dates here: PE return is 3772AUD in Saver. J return is 5199AUD in Saver (which is a sale fare).

The fare difference for the inbound will be 2602-1889= 713AUD plus 100AUD change. But that could go up to (most likely will because the sale would be over then) 1750AUD++ for a saver, and 2700AUD++ for a flex depending on the available fares and fare buckets then.

From a financial perspective if you can afford J return just book it.



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It is real PITA. Points are the best friends here – book PE and try to upgrade one leg.


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Try a travel agent called they may be able to help plus they have great rates,good luck! Hope this helps.

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I have done VA Au C2C in J, A330, while I realise its a whole totally different kettle of fish to OPs situation, I would second going J all the way, if OP can pay back card debt ASAP.

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