For your opinions, which one would have the better new business class VAs or Qantas

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For your opinions, which one would have the better new business class

VAs or Qantas


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definately Qantas. food. service. lounges.


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I'd say almost no one here could answer that with any substence as hardly anyone would have been in the position to try both. I'd say judgement on such a question really needs to be reserved until one has had a chance to try both. 


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As far as appearance goes, Definitely VA. 

Biggest domestic bed in the world, much more modern and sleek.. The VA lounges are more modern. 

I've heard the new service on the 330 is incredible and tailored to the suite, whereas QF is churning out the same service mixed with a new suite.. Both look fantastic and I've not yet tried either so this is only from what I've heard and seen.

Upto personal opinion on the looks etc so far :)


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I know the VA staff have been training for the new seats on the 330's in the last few months. Had an FA tell me "this service will make more sense once the new seats arrive."

Was really just to do with the order the table was set before meals, ie: She was leaning over the person in the aisle to set my table etc rather than bringing everything out on a tray. That's all I noticed that would be more specific to the new seats. 

Was fantastic service as I've always had from VA so no complaints there. 


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Its the little things which make each airline a tad better then the competition

  • VA's Premium Lounge Entry Sydney
  • QF's Seperate Biz Class Lounge Nation wide
  • VA's move foward to the earlier flight (Although QF are becoming better at this)
  • VA's Luke Mangan Food
  • QF's Recline during Take off and landing
  • QF's Darling Service - I and several others I travel with often get called darling by the older QF staff and so does everyone else on the flight. Especially on Brisbane-Darwin and Brisbane to Townsville Flights but it has also happened BNE-PER a couple of years ago.
  • QF Sydney International Transfer (Which is nice when coming off a long flight from perth!)
All that being said both Business Class seats and the service is very classy and very very polished as the competition between the two heats up even more!
Both Airlines will try to keep coming up with more and more ideas to win over the business traveler and I would not be supprised if a limo service will soon be included or something extra like that which we currently only see on long haul international travel.


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Hard to answer as there are so many variables in the soft product. 


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As of yesterday when I was on the inaugural VA flight to Perth and having tried the new QF suites back in July, Virgin for me wins hands down with 'The Business'. From the outstanding service delivery from crew who clearly loved what they were doing to the very well presented meals and the fantastic new seat. As said before Virgin has trumped Qantas with this by a long shot. Interested to hear what others think once they have tried "The Business" the pictures really do not do it any justice.



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I have no doubt the inaugural service was brilliant, but will be interesting to see how things go once the service has been operating for a few months.  This is when the real test of time will show the flaws, as inaugural services are often overshadowed with hype and anticipation and making sure things go "flawless"...



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Both. Seriously – since VA starts aggressive campaign QF lift bar dramatically to defend own position, so as result we see that no one was even dreaming about even 5 years ago – International class business seats in trans Australian flights. So enjoy either. And while I like QF better than VA I should say that VA seats looks very sleek. Pity that I will not try them – I flying to Perth once in decade :-))))


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Hi Serg     Does that  mean you expcet those seats to be replaced by the next time you fly to PER ??  LOL



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Not like that - I do not expect to fly to Perth anytome soon :-)))


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I'll be happy on either


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I was fortunate enough to try the the QF business class on a SYD-MEL flight yesterday. All I can say is wow - what a massive improvement over the International Skybed Mark1 and 2. Having been fortunate enough to fly first and business on airlines including QF, SQ, VS, EY, EK, CX - the seat and technology is just brilliant. Well done to Qantas for this seat, really impressed with the large amount of personal space. Seems like a hybrid seat/suite between Business and First. 

As Aussies, I reckon we get the short straw when it comes to QF and VA frequent flyer programs and redemptions (poor value compared to US, difficulty in redemption bookings in Bus and First) but the new offerings in Biz from both airlines make me realise we are pretty fortunate in this regard. 

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