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I was wondering why comments were closed for the article.

I guess the above explains it.

Like many mass market offerings, they serve a purpose, but aren't necessarily the cheapest option if you are provided to do some leg work.


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My point was that I actually value this website for the stories which I take as authorative and factual. Placing a 'sponsored story' no matter who it is from compromises the integrity of the stories you publish. I look to the site for tips and tricks and advise on frequenbt flying from seats to FF perks. By endorsing a 'sponsor story'  as news you diminish your credibilty which is the very reason Travelex want to associate with you. Credibility....

So the next time there is a strory on the 'Best Places for Currency Exchange' do we read it in good faith or look at it sideways?

Its not about denying the owners of this site revenue. If its an adverstisment put it in the banner placeholders like the others on the site and leave the risk of diminishing authority alone.  


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Honestly, whilst entitled to your opinion, I really don't see the big deal.

The article clearly notes the article is sponsored. People can read between the lines. 

The reality is, if your really concerned about the integrity of articles, it would mean than Ausbt could no longer take flights, stay at hotels etc etc, unless Ausbt was paying for it themselves... can't imagine there would be much on this site if that was the case.

In any case, not exactly smart advertising by Travelex as most Ausbt's would be well rehearsed on fx.


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The above is why I no further comment on any articles or dare ask a question. 

Hurray for the 'TRB' comments. 


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Welcome to the internet, it's a place for thick skin.

If you learn to embrace receiving a down vote, then it's not too bad...

But please, don't get me started on that @TRB!! :-p


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Rather than complaining (or otherwise) about sponsored content on the site willvill would be better off offering personal insights into how he or she is able to seek out better FX options that reflect their personal desires and experiences. If other visitors to this (exceptional) site then resonate with what willvill posts then we're all a winner...

Personally, I'm with Russell...I am more than willing to pay for convenience at the expense of the absolutely lowest rate. I'm happy to pay many basis points for the convenience of ordering online and collecting in 2-3mins at BNE on my way out - I've actually never had to queue to collect my FX. 

The more we share mutual experiences, hacks, and work arounds, the better we all are as members of the AusBT community...


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Sponsors are needed because the reader base here is not big enough to support all those interviews, news and flight reviews you get to see. I bet they also would prefer to be independent and not depend on a sponsor, but it's near impossible in today's world.


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I can't see how AusBT coud run without depending on advertising, Rishi, unless there was a paywall. And I don't see that happening. Even 'big media' newspapers with paywalls are struggling.

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